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Want To Successfully Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Here are The Essential Tips

Finally, you have decided to go for the trekking to Kilimanjaro, Right! For a successful summit at Uhuru peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the freestanding highest peak on the earth, we have come with some new ideas from the trekkers and our practical experiences as Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

As the highest peak of Africa, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the dream for both old and new trekkers. You will face five ecosystems such as cultivation zone, rainforest, Heather-Moorland, Alpine Desert and summit-climate zone from bottom to top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s not just about the physical fitness; a successful summit needs a strong mind with mentally preparation.

The higher you go; you may feel breathlessness and other altitude sicknesses such as nausea, headache, fatigue, dizziness, dehydration, etc. which may lead to frustration ended-up with a worst memory and experience.

Choose the Route as Per Your Suitability

Before climbing, you should check the specification of different routes from our Climb Kilimanjaro Guide or Kilimanjaro Tour Operator. There are seven different routes for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Choose your route wisely according to your health and stamina not as encouragement of others’. These routes are Machame, Marangu, Lemosho, Rongai, Shira, Umbwe and Northern circuit route.

The Machame Route or “whiskey” route is the most famous route with a higher traffic. Located on the south-west of Kilimanjaro, it is the longest and full of scenic view for trekkers. It takes 6 to 7 days to the summit with a higher rate of success.

The “Coca-Cola” route or Marangu Route approaches from south-east of Kilimanjaro and takes 5 to 6 days. Famous as “Tourist route”, it is the only route which offers hut-accommodations facilities. It is the quickest, cheapest, busiest and most comfortable among all other routes and has a lower rate of success. Marangu route is perfect for the new climber.

Lemosho Route is the longer routes so before climbing through this route you need to be physically fit. It approaches from the west of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is the most beautiful route. It takes 7 to 8 days and as a longer route it offers more time for acclimatization. This route gives highest success rate.

Rongai Route starts from the north of Kilimanjaro and an easier route from the southern routes. It offers camping trip and recommended to 7 days to reach the summit. It receives lower traffic with high rate of success.

Shira Route is the old route of New Lemosho route and is not for the new or inexperienced hikers. With having a low traffic this route gives altitude sickness on the first day.

Umbwe Route is the steepest and most difficult route having a straight path with lowest traffic. It has lower success rate as the vertical ascending makes the trekking more challenging. The Alpine desert before the Uhuru summit gives the worst climate condition and takes 8 days for summit.

Northern Circuit Route is the longest and newest route for climbing Kilimanjaro. Having a highest success rate, it takes 8 to 9 days for summit.

Though you have a self confidence on your performance in high altitude, booking a long route gives time to acclimatize.

Go Slow and Steady, Don’t Race

“Slow and steady wins the race” Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is neither a competition nor a race, so taking the slow steps is a wise decision. The guide during trekking always says “Pole Pole” which is pronounced as po-lay po-lay, in Swahili, it means “slowly slowly”. In hiking, if you climb quickly, you will be exhausted because of low oxygen pressure. Climbing quickly may lead to other altitude sicknesses such as breathlessness, nausea, etc. Risking your health may turn your happier journey to a worst journey. Two types of Acute Mountain Sickness are there. One is High altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and High altitude cerebral edema (HACE) can make you bleed which ended up in death.

Bring Required Medication

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, safety should always come first. The bottom of Mt. Kilimanjaro or the starting point is the tropical rain forests which are filling up with mosquitoes and bacteria that can harm your immune system. Ask our Kilimanjaro Tour Operator about the bacteria and bring bug-repellent and anti-malaria medicines. Bring medicines those are related to Diarrhea and dehydration. To reduce the effect of high altitude on your body, do not forget to bring Dramamine and ibuprofen. Take some high-SPF sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun burn.

Bring Clothing and Hiking Gears

Dreaming and planning for Climbing Kilimanjaro trips for a long time may be go into the water, if you miss or forget to bring any Climbing gears. Yes, this is true by many experienced trekkers. The clothes and hiking gears are the needs for a successful summit. Carrying the water and the chocolate can give you the energy and protect you from the dehydration. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is the most challenging situation you can face, if you miss one of the clothing gears for the climbing.

Climbing clothes such as rain cover, sleeping bags, mountain guitars, Ski jacket, Ski trousers, rain jackets and trousers are the needs before the climbing. Hiking gears such as traction shoes, toe warmers, Gear bag, Duffle bag, Ski Goggles, sunglasses, binoculars, battery, head lamp, hiking poles, plastic bin liners, hydration pack, hand warmers and rucksack covers are mostly important.
Book a local tour company. A pair of hiking boots of good quality and a pair of warmer shocks for every day can make your climbing successful.

Give the Time for your Body

Taking extra time of one or two days for physical and mental adjustment is a wise decision rather than rushing up for the mountain which may lead to failure. The human body needs an adjustment before going to other climate zone. May be the bottom of Kilimanjaro is warm, but the top of mountain is bitter cold. So the body needs some rest for the acclimatization. The higher you go, the lower is oxygen pressure which leads to exhaustion if you climb quickly. A mountain guide always recommends you to take more time. So there is no need to take action under the influence of others.

Include Sweet in your Diet

When you are on a high altitude, it is very difficult to eat. Most of the people do not like to eat food when on altitude, due to physical exertion. Always carry sweets or chocolate with you to energize yourself on the way. To give a treat after summiting at Uhuru peak, carrying sweet is necessary. When hiking, you are burning tons of calories and these can be replenished by eating the chocolates and sweets. Don’t worry about the extra calories as these are going to burn during the hiking. Always stay in joy and relaxed by listening the songs.

Keep a Strong Willpower

Always be happy and relax during your hiking as the happiness is the key of releasing the positive hormones like endorphine, melatonin, and serotonin. Listen to your favourite music which releases the relaxing and joyful hormones. Make new friends, (if you haven’t) during the hiking, that they will keep you amaze all the time. Keeping up a positive vibe, even in failure, can lead your group to the success. Stay positive and always take wise decision and listen to your guide will give you success.

Making Friend is Necessary

During the trekking, being alone or lonely, may lead to unclear decisions because of over thinking. During your Kilimanjaro Climbing trips, always make new friends and spend times with them. It will make your group co-operative. Staying in silence can’t keep you motivated as because of the blocked hormones that releases naturally. Be friendly with the porters as they have high luggage on their back and they cook for you. Make the guides and porters as your friends.

Treat Guide as your Own

Cherish your guide always. As they are taking care of everyone each and every day, keeping them motivated is must. The porters are carrying your luggage with their own. They cook for you both lunch and dinner and leaves after you. So you need to give the tip for encouraging them. Treat the guides and porters as your friends, so that they can help you in every situation.

So friends, we hope theaboveKilimanjaro Climbing Tips and guides will lead to you a successful and memorable summit.

Apart from the tips, every climber needs to choose a perfect trekking partner. For having a successful trek to Kilimanjaro choose “Kilele Climb Tours”; Visit us at to know why we claim ourselves one of the best Kilimanjaro tour operators.

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