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Mahale Mountains National Park

The magical Chimps trekking Paradise

Mahale Mountains National Park

On the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the oldest and deepest lake in the world lies a pristine and remote park; the Mahale National Park which holds and protects the largest known population of chimpanzees, the jungle, and the mountains.

Visiting the park is a gratifying experience as you have a chance to carry a game drive, chimp-trekking, hiking, snorkeling, and bird watching.

The establishment of this Park was a reflection of the government’s commitment to preserving the chimpanzee population as well as an emulation of the efforts by Japanese researchers who pioneered conducting research on primates including chimpanzees.

Info About Mahale Mountains National Park

  • Area: 1,613 km² /623mi²
  • Established: 1985
  • Location: Kigoma Region, Tanzania
  • Distance: From Kigoma town the park can be accessed by road 128km/80mi (5hrs drive) south, the road running south-east of Lake Tanganyika shore

Getting there

The park can be accessed throughout the year by road, water, and air.

Park Attractions

Mahale Mountains National Park is famous for chimpanzees, However, there are other attractions like Lake Tanganyika which is the second oldest freshwater lake in the world, the second-largest by volume, and the second deepest in all cases after lake Baikal in Siberia. Other attractions include beautiful varieties of waterfalls like Ntale, Kasiha, and Sansa, wild animals like warthogs, mountains, and sand beaches.

The chimps

The chimps are always seen in the forest jumping from one branch to another, from one tree to another and other times on the ground playing, grooming, and eating.

Lake Tanganyika

This longest and deepest lake in the world with magnificent views of the shores provides a unique visitor experience, especially when carrying snorkeling or resting on the shores while watching aquatic birds and at sundown, the red sky takes a thousand words.

Sand Beaches

The shores of Lake Tanganyika have a beautiful unspoiled beach

Mahale Mountain

It takes about 5hours to reach the top and during the hike, one can spot different wildlife which makes your journey unforgettable.

Ujiji Historical site

Ujiji is the oldest town in western Tanzania, located about 6 miles (10 km) south of Kigoma also known as Kavele. This was an Arabic settlement during the slave trade, that used to be the terminus for the old caravan route from the coast.

Ujiji has also historical significance for explorers, it is a place where Burton and Speke first reached the shore of Lake Tanganyika in 1858. And the place where Dr living stone met Stanley in 1871, a monument known as Dr. living stone memorial has been constructed to commemorate the meeting. there is a slave route near the market.

Near the shore of Lake Tanganyika lies an ancient and traditional fishing market. At night when the lake is relatively calm, visitors may enjoy the romantic site of the softly lit lake.


Mahale Mountains National Park has activities that give visitors opportunities to enjoy its beauty. The Park will give opportunities to do Chimp trekking, Walking safari, Boat cruising, Sport fishing, and Mountain hiking.

Chimp trekking

The chimpanzee trekking takes visitors on a wild adventure through the hazy forest. Sighting can vary from 30 minutes for the first sightings to up to 3 hours.

 Walking safari

Mahale is not just about chimpanzee-trekking; it offers the perfect balance of wildlife viewing where animals like roan and sable antelope and mongoose is easily seen and also sometimes lion and leopard. The park offers short and long walks in the network of strategically positioned natural trails which provide a wide range of choices to visitors.

Boat cruising

This activity enables visitors to get a chance to view the spectacular beauty of the lake and lakeshore full of beautiful beaches, water birds, crocodiles, hippos, otters, and plant species along the shores while enjoying the cool breeze from the lake.

Sport fishing 

This thrilling recreational activity is conducted in Lake Tanganyika, in which there is a great possibility of getting a big catch.

Mountain hiking

The highest point of the park; Kungwe peak with an elevation of 2,462m/8,077ft a.s.l provides visitors with a unique sense of physical challenge when climbing the peak. It takes about 7–9 hours to and fro from the peak.