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Know the Key Factors That Affects the Cost of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Are you planning to make yourself free from financial burden for trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro? As you know, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest and

freestanding mountain of Africa located in Tanzania with an elevation of 5895 m. Every year, more than 10, 000 experienced and new trekkers attempt to make a successful summit at Uhuru peak to taste the adventure, achievement or to get the fun and excitement.

To make Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Tour hassle free, you need to give some time to analyse the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro cost it will need. You need to go thoroughly the travel, medication, visa, trekking equipments, and Kilimanjaro Guiding costs to make yourself free from the financial headache for your upcoming Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours.

As one of the best Kilimanjaro Trekking Guides, we are dedicated to make the dream successful of every trekker in a most comfortable and affordable way. As there may be Kilimanjaro trekking costs as packages available in different website.

Here we are going to show you the real picture and structure of the budget as the Kilimanjaro guide cost before your Kilimanjaro Tours.

Getting To Kilimanjaro – Flights

Before travelling for Kilimanjaro trekking tours, you need to find the perfect route and the cost it will take from your country to Kilimanjaro International Airport. If there is no direct flight to the Kilimanjaro International Airport from your local airport or you have shortage of time, then you should ask your Kilimanjaro Tour Operator to settle the flight and date for the journey. You should include the costs of travelling in Kilimanjaro trekking tours.

Estimated Cost: $ 1300- $ 1500

Climbing Travel Packages

Before travelling for trekking to Mt. Kilimanjaro, most of the trekkers discussed through their trekking operators for the cost of entire packages. The tour operator also offers the packages to its new or old clients like, airport transfers, spending night in the hotel before and after trekking, and all the expenses on the mountains for food, tips to guide, tips for porters, etc.

Kilimanjaro Park Fees

Hiking through the Kilimanjaro National Park will cost you $60 for the entry of one person. For guide and porters, it is $2 per person per trip.

Rescue fee is $20 per person whereas the camping fee is $50 per night. For hut accommodation in Marangu Route, it will cost you $50 per person with Value Added Tax(VAT) -18% of the service.

Your Kilimanjaro Route

The cost depends upon the route you have chosen for trekking. For example, Northern circuit is most expensive route as it is the longest route for Uhuru peak.

But, if you give all priorities to the budget, then the shorter route can also be a bad idea that can ruin your trekking because of lack of acclimatization. So, we recommend choosing the route that is most suitable for you and choose at least 6 or 7 days for a successful and comfortable trekking. However taking 8 days for the trekking is the best option to make your summit successful. Including the budget is necessary but you should not give top priority when it comes to health and success.

It will cost you $60 per person for hut accommodation in Marangu Route. You need around $2500 to $2800 for the 7 or 8 days trekking including the tips.

Tanzanian Visa

You will need $50, for visa, when you arrive on the Kilimajaro International Airport. If you want to avoid the standing in the queues at Kilimanjaro airport, we will recommend you to get the visa before your departure.

Vaccinations and Medications

In your planning for Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours, you should include the cost of medications and vaccinations in your budget to keep yourself away from the infected diseases, malaria, etc. When entering Tanzania, you need Yellow Fever vaccination card and the cost for Yellow Fever vaccination is within $100. If you want to get a HEP-A vaccination and Polio Tetanus Diptheria booster, then you can include the cost of it in your budget list.

As mosquitoes can only be found in lower altitudes, you need to keep malaria tablets with you before and after your hike.

The estimated budget for medication and vaccination is $150.

Miscellaneous Expenses

You need to calculate miscellaneous budget such as travelling in local region, tipping to the hotel staffs before and after the trekking, buying interested things, etc.

Equipment and Kit

For a successful and trekking, you should not compromise the cost for camping gears, clothing gears and trekking gears. These are the most important things or can be seen as the main weapons for successful trekking. These are layered clothing, hiking boots, sleeping bag, hiking poles, duffel bag, water bottles, head light, warm clothes, etc.

The cost for the equipments and kits varies according to the quality and the source you want take from as in rent. Estimated price is $800 to $900.

Tipping Guides and Porters

As the guide, porters, chefs and other staffs are the people who support you on your trekking through guiding, cooking food for you, camping and holding things for you, they deserve the tips. On trekking, you should give small amount of money to everyone for everyday as their award.

The total amount also depends upon the quality and speciality of their services during the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

All – in All

When budgeting for the trekking, add some extra amount of money with your total budget excluding the cost of the package that you are paying for.

It will make you free and help you in case of any emergency.

Estimated Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost is $5000.


We hope the list of cost, excluding the package cost, will clear all doubts about “what to include or what not to include” in your budget list of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost.

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