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Biking in Kilimanjaro

Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro on two wheels.

Experience the ultimate thrill as a seasoned biker by cycling your way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This challenge requires a high level of fitness due to the rocky slopes at over 15000 ft and the overall height of 19000 ft. It can be done individually or as a group and is perfect for those who dream of conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in a unique way. The goal is to reach Uhuru Peak at 19340 ft, which will be a tough challenge but a rewarding accomplishment once achieved.

Yes! you will explore and reach Uhuru Peak 19340 ft on a two-wheel, it is a tough challenge, isn’t it? The itinerary involves riding from Kilema Gate to Kilema Camp, spending one night in a tent before continuing on to Horombo Hut. From there, the group joins the Marangu Route and heads to Kibo Hut before reaching the summit. The descent of 12000 ft over a day and a half is one of the longest descents in the world.

The Kilema Mountain bike trail runs parallel with the Marangu route, which is mostly used as an access road by cars to bring supplies to Horombo Hut and evacuate medical emergencies. The route from Kilema Gate to Horombo Hut is a 4 x 4 gravel road that is usually in fair condition.

The biggest factor in reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is acclimatization. The itinerary is designed to prepare for summit day, which involves a climb of 1200m. Riding the bikes may not be possible at times, as it would use too much energy. Therefore, some pushing may be required to conserve energy for the summit day.

As a reward for reaching the summit, a souvenir photo and a nearly 5000m descent awaits. This adventure is sure to be a memorable experience that bikers will talk about for a long time.