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Trekking Equipment for the Kilimanjaro Adventure

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Marangu route, accommodation is provided in mountain huts with mattresses and electric lights. For all other routes, camping is required, and overnight accommodation is in tents equipped with sleeping mats.

Our equipment has to withstand the onslaught of exposure to the elements: extreme temperatures, snow and ice storms, and powerful sunlight. Good quality materials and regular maintenance are vital for continued safety and durability, and all equipment is replaced and updated periodically.

For our trips, Climbers will sleep in four-season mountain tents during the trek. We only use the best products and High-quality branded equipment and gear, such as Mountain Hardwear and Eureka tents. Our Mountain Hardwear and Eureka tents are warm, waterproof, and roomy – perfectly suited for your Kilimanjaro adventure. It is a standard option for the Mount Everest expeditions, where the conditions are much harsher than on Kilimanjaro.

Although the tent is designed for 3-man-sized, we normally house two climbers, ensuring plenty of space for your duffel bag containing all your gear. A vestibule at the front provides a sheltered spot for you to stow muddy boots and gaiters.

All climbers are given a 1.5-inch foam sleeping pad. These handmade sleeping pads outperform any commercially supplied sleeping pad. Even for individuals who aren’t used to camping, they are thick, warm, and cozy. The pad is kept clean by being placed inside a washable cover.

Mess tent that is equipped with camping tables and chairs. All meals are served in the Mess tent, and it is also a nice place to “hang out” and drink tea or coffee, play cards, or get to know your group if bad weather should keep you indoors.

Mess tents come in various sizes, able to accommodate your group in one cozy restaurant! Some of Our Mess tents are from the Mountain Hardwear equipment company. They are spacious and comfortable and provide good insulation against the wind on the upper slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We extend our sincere greetings and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to Tanzania in the near future.