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Machame Route

Machame Route is also known as “Whiskey Route”. It also offers only fully catered camping or tent during your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. It approaches from south-west of Mount Kilimanjaro and descends through Mweka Gate. This route gives more time to recover and chances for “climb high and sleep low”. So, the success rate is 85%. It takes 6 to 7 days to reach for the summit. For a successful summit, you can take 7 days for better acclimatization. Machame Route is more challenging than Rongai and Marangu route.

Among the important Kilimanjaro FAQ’s raised by our clients we are often asked about the scenic beauty of this route. This route offers the most stunning picturesque views which include rain forests, the Shira Plateau, the Lava Tower, and the Barranco Wall. While descending on Mweka the route, you can enjoy a spectacular view of natural scenery. This route is a popular choice among hikers who are aiming for the summit.


Travel Tips
  • Choose longer days of the trek as your body needs time to adjust with the high-altitude acclimatization.
  • Trekking poles will become your best friend on the harsh trails.
  • Take it easy and don’t try to rush to the top and always listen to your guide.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  • The amount of Oxygen on the top is only 50% as compared to the amount of Oxygen you are used to have. So, pay attention to your body signals and inform your guide as soon as possible.
  • Choose the dry season to experience your trek the most.
  • If possible, avoid taking pills like Diamox. It may show harmful side effects.
  • Pack the necessary gears and double-check the complete list.
  • Prepare a ‘Kilimanjaro playlist’ to listen to during your hike which helps to break your mental stress and physical exhaustion.
  • Machame route offers the most scenic vistas.
  • Machame is the only route offering fully cratered camping.
  • Its climb high, sleep low opportunity provides good acclimatization for trekkers.
  • The four diverse climatic zones of Machame is challenging with scenic views.
  • The route receives more trekkers for its scenic beauty.

The route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the south, beginning with a short drive from Moshi to Machame Gate. The path then leads hikers through the rainforest to the Shira Plateau, where numerous routes to Kilimanjaro converge. Subsequently, the route veers towards the east and passes beneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field on the Southern Circuit path before ascending to the summit from Barafu. The descent is then made via the Mweka route.

  • The weather of Kilimanjaro is unpredictable throughout the year. The temperature on the mountain varies widely depending upon the altitude.
  • June to October to the beginning of March offers the best time to climb the mountain.
  • Different climatic zones offer different atmosphere. The temperatures and precipitation levels and vegetation drop as hikers move to a high altitude.
  • As the weather varies, so the hikers should be ready to experience the hot, wet or cold conditions at any time while on the mountain.
What is the success rate for climbing Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route?

The success rate of climbing the mountain depends on the duration of your climb. When considering all operators, it is estimated that 6-day Machame climbs have a success rate of approximately 50%, while 7-day Machame climbs have a success rate of around 70%. However, our 6-day Machame route has a higher success rate of approximately 70-80%, and our 7-day Machame route has an even higher success rate of approximately 90-95%.

Pro & Cons
  • The success of achievement rate is higher.
  • Highly recommended for scenic value.
  • The trek can be completed in 6 to 7 days. 7 days is mostly recommended for better acclimatization.
  • Offers walk high and sleep low profile, so great for acclimatization.
  • Machame route receives high traffic. So, the route is the busiest route.
  • The route is suited to more adventurous hikers.

Machame Route Packages