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Family Safari in Tanzania

A family safari is an amazing and thrilling vacation that presents a great chance to spend quality time with your loved ones in nature. It is an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and fully engage with the wilderness. The adventure offers a chance to connect with each other while enjoying the finest wildlife and cultural experiences and creating your own memories to cherish forever. These memories will remain with you for a lifetime! endure a lifetime.

This activity presents an excellent opportunity for families to engage in quality time together while simultaneously gaining knowledge about Africa, its people, wildlife, and the interconnectedness of nature. It serves as an exceptional means for children to acquire knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom. The guides are highly knowledgeable and well-equipped to address any inquiries from inquisitive young explorers. Furthermore, the experience of hearing a lion’s roar in person is far more exhilarating than any depiction in a Disney movie.

Wildlife & Nature

Getting to see your child experience their very first lion sighting or experience just how large elephants actually are and how taller giraffes are is a moment you won’t forget. Plus, there are few things as fun as shouting: ‘I see something!’ when out on a game drive. Even a dung beetle in action is a worthy sighting!


Tanzania is home to over 120 different tribes, each preserving their unique cultural traditions while also embracing some aspects of Westernization. This provides an opportunity for visitors to experience an authentic cultural immersion, which is a significant part of why families choose to visit Africa – a vacation that also provides an educational experience.

Tanzanian people, in general we are excellent with kids. We are very patient and love to share our stories and knowledge of what it is like living and growing up in Africa. Your kids will come away with lifelong friends from the experiences they have on their Tanzania safari. Most of our guides, being parents themselves, love hosting families and caring for your children as they would their own.


Zanzibar, you can’t beat family time spent on the beach, and that’s why we recommend a few days’ post-safari along the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar Island!


The family-friendly lodges and camps offer a host of kid-friendly activities, among them being bow and arrow shooting with the Maasai, starting a campfire with elephant dung and sticks, and educational bush walks around the camp. Some camps have been designed to ensure the safety of little ones and keep them entertained while still offering the grown-ups maximum game-viewing experiences and often some much-needed alone time. We acknowledge that children may not always enjoy spending time in game-drive vehicles and may prefer exploring the natural surroundings of the lodge, such as anthills. Therefore, we offer lodges that prioritize family engagement and provide engaging activities to keep children entertained.