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Tanzania Food

From waterfalls to beaches, safaris to mountains, and ancient history to modern colonies, Tanzania Safari Tours is truly a 360-degree safari. But, what about Tanzanian Food? Your Tanzania Safari experience is incomplete without it.

Tanzania cuisine is all about big flavors, amazing spices, heart-warming stews, and perfectly barbecued meat. We compiled a list of finest local foods in Tanzania.

Some of the most important foods to Tanzania are ugali, maandazi, vitumbua, Wali wa Nazi, Supu ya Ndizi, Ndizi Kaanga, Mchuzi wa Samaki, Mishkaki, pilau, chapatti, Wali na Harage, mchemsho, and chipsi mayai.

When on your Tanzania Safari Tours you shouldn’t miss the local delicacies here. There are many other Things To Do In Tanzania like game viewing, wild beast migration and calving which attracts thousands of tourists worldwide here annually.

Facts About Tanzania Food

  • Depending on the lodge or tented camp, food is normally served in a restaurant dining-hall or dining-tent.
  • Mainly, the meals are often served in form of buffets, where you have the option to choose to eat, what you like from a number of dishes.
  • Some lodges and camps also serve à la carte, where you can order Tanzania Food as per your taste.
  • There are picnic lunches, usually on for example full day game drives, when coming back to the lodge for lunch is not suitable.
  • These lunches are generally done in form of picnics in the bush, or in a dedicated picnic site, or just in some nice spot found along the route.

Most Recommended Restores During Safari Tanzania

  • Khan’s Barbeque; they call this retro “Chicken on the Bonnet” thanks to its back-to-basics appeal and delicious delicacies.
  • African Tulip Hotel; Their Tanzanian curry is to die for.
  • Arabica blends; the best hot beverage in town and don’t miss taking excursions through Kimemo’s crops.

Take a trip through Tanzania’s busiest street in search of the most delicious authentic Tanzanian cuisine. Even though food is not your prime focus on Tanzania Safari but we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Kilele Climb puts a lot of stress on the full Tanzania Safari Experience. Our Tanzania Safari Guide will inform you about all the hidden gems of Tanzania. In fact, we’re known to go the extra mile to take you to all those authentic Tanzanian places that no one tells you about. For more information about our exclusive Tanzania Safari Packages or any other details visit our website today.

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