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Fly-in Safaris

Many visitors prefer Tanzania fly-in safaris due to their convenience. The travel industry in Tanzania is well-established and ensures that all logistics run smoothly. With a vast network of flights available to and from safari locations, most parks and reserves are now easily accessible by air as well as by road.

More recently, the concept of scheduled safari flights has opened up fly-in Tanzanian safaris to more people. Sometimes, you just want to escape a long, bumpy, and dusty path example, the path to Serengeti National Park. It is indeed possible to just fly into a national park and start your game drive days after a fly out to the city, to Zanzibar islands, or to the coast of Tanzania.

Tanzania Fly-in safari, flight options

For those interested in exploring the Tanzania national parks conveniently (2 to 4 nights) and have a short timeframe, then flying is the best option.

Some local chartered flight companies offer scheduled flights to and from national parks airstrips. Having daily flights on popular routes & some routes are on inducement of 2 minimum seats.

Alternatively, a private charter flight can be hired for you or a small group.

Why fly in & out.

  • You have limited time & want to optimize the places you visit
  • You want to escape a long, bumpy, and dusty path drive

Fly safari options

  • Drive in, fly out
  • Fly in, drive out
  • Fly in, fly out

Optimum fly-in safari, Tanzania

To fully enjoy fly-in safaris in Tanzania, it is recommended to combine them with game drives and avoid lengthy return trips. For example, instead of returning to Ngorongoro and then Arusha after traveling from Ngorongoro to Serengeti, you could take a direct flight to Zanzibar from Serengeti. This allows you to save time and maximize your safari experience.

Starting off your fly-in safaris

Tanzania has 3 major International airports, and from them, you can take a charter flight into a national park. Starting of your fly-in safaris.

  1. Kilimanjaro Airport is the closest international airport to the Tanzania Northern Circuit Parks. From this airport, you can get charter flights to the northern parks
  2. Arusha City, being Tanzania’s safari hub, is indeed a hub popular with those visiting Tanzania’s famous northern parks. You can get charter flights to all northern parks, Serengeti, Manyara & Tarangire national parks
  3. Zanzibar Island is one of the most sought destinations in Tanzania and a tourist hub you can fly to and from most national parks
  4. Dar es Salaam City, being the financial hub & a ferry away from Zanzibar, from here you can get flights to & all working airports and airstrips in Tanzania
  5. From national parks to national parks, you can also fly from park to park; for example, you can fly from Manyara National Park to Serengeti National Park to Selous National Park.

Note: these scheduled charter flights do run around trips & direct trips to & from the parks, so your logistics should be keenly maintained.

Costs of charter flights

Popular routes on a daily schedule can cost between 250 to 375$
Surely, the cost will depend on many aspects, but with about 500$ and a minimum of 2, some charter flights can be induced
Or, in the case of a small group (12), a charter flight can be hired for you; the price will range from 400 to 600 $

What to know before booking a charter flight for your fly-in safari

Some national parks are very large in size & can have multiple airstrips, so it is important to contact us to know which airstrip you should land on as some may be closer to parts of interest of the park at a particular time.


  • Zanzibar Island to Dar es salaam City
  • Dar es salaam City to Zanzibar Island
  • Zanzibar Island to Serengeti N/P
  • Zanzibar Island to Mikumi N/P
  • Zanzibar Island to Ruaha N/P
  • Zanzibar Island to Selous N/P
  • Zanzibar Island to Arusha City to Manyara N/P to Serengeti N/P
  • Arusha City to Manyara N/P to Serengeti N/P
  • Zanzibar Island to Arusha City to Serengeti N/P
  • Arusha City to Manyara N/P to Serengeti N/P
  • Serengeti N/P to Manyara N/P to Arusha City to Dar es salaam City to Zanzibar Island
  • Serengeti N/P to Selous N/P
  • Selous N/P to Dar es Salaam City
  • Dar es salaam City to Mafia Island
  • Dar es salaam City to Pemba Island
  • Dar es salaam City to Serengeti N/P
  • Dar es salaam City to Ruaha N/P

Most Popular Tanzania Fly-in Safaris

Our tour ideas are exactly that – sample itineraries to give you an idea of costs, flights, and how different destinations work together. All are completely customizable to your budget, timing, and preferences.

We would be delighted to tailor your travel arrangements to your liking and take into account any input you may have.