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Tanzania Wildlife Safari Cost

Understanding Tanzania Wildlife safari cost, over the year’s African businesses, never used price tags for products or services offered this was mostly influenced by the motive of providers to maximize their margins & low information on Africa at the time. However, many things have changed information now a single click away has made providers try to offer the best deals but with clients still influenced by western media & the perception that there is a lot of margins in deals offered have caused clients to bargain to prices which are not sustainable to business, with some being lucky as some providers with less knowledge on sustainability do surrender to prices without quite the understanding on how the deal made do impact the sustainability of their business only later do they come to a realization of the wear out of their assets without a fair return or after being slapped with high tax bills & penalties.

This is clear & evident if you can compare prices between local-based & foreign companies you will see a great difference in prices that is not just a result of the foreign companies to require higher margins to serve higher tax bills & returns to their investors but a result of local companies prices being highly unsustainable (very low), to clarify this we will breakdown the Serengeti safari cost against our prices

Factors that influences the cost of your safari

There are a number of factors that contribute to the final price tag that gets attached to your safari:

1.Park fees-this are fees paid directly to the park authorities so the client & the crew can proceed to the park, these fees are non-negotiable also cannot be avoided however travelers below 16 years of age do enjoy a discount. some parks (like Serengeti & Ngorongoro crater) are priced higher than the rest

Tanzania National Park fees

  • Entrance fees 70$ per person per day (Serengeti & Ngorongoro)
  • Entrance fees 45$ per person per day (Manyara, Tarangire, Mikumi, Ruaha, Nyerere etc.)
  • Camping fees 30$ per person per night
  • Concession fees (equivalent of camping fees for lodging accommodation) 50$ per person per night
  • Crew fees 2$ per crew per day
  • Safari Jeep fees 20$ per day
  • Ngorongoro crater service per jeep 250 $, this is an additional cost on descending the crater separate from Ngorongoro entrance fees.
  1. Duration – the number of days & nights you will spend on the parks as the tariff paid is valid for a day. so, spending more days’ increases the safari cost
  1. Accommodation & meals– depending on your accommodation style of choice, this can be a major influence on the cost of your safari. As the camping fees & concession fees are already stated on the park fees section here will outline cost range paid to the third parties

Accommodation options and cost range between.

  • Basic Camping– the cost associated is camping equipment cost 70 $per person & those associated with the safari chef (your meals)
  • Budget tented lodges–range from 170 USD to 250 USD per person per night
  • Mid-range & luxury tented lodges–range from 250 USD to 700 USD per person per night
  • Budget lodges– range from 200 USD to 300 USD per person per night
  • Mid-range Lodges-range from 350 USD to 700 USD per person per night
  • Luxury lodges & Tented lodges– range from 800 USD to 2000 USD per person per night
  1. 4. Transport– transportation & transfers provided depending on your choices do influence the cost of a safari

Transport options

  • Custom safari jeeptransportation to the parks has a standard market rate of 230 US$ per day taking to account fuel costs, service & depreciation due to bumpy roads, rainy roads
  • Fly in and out,should the package bought include domestic flights into the park. however, it is possible for clients to book on their own flights into the park

Note: In the option for fly in both flights & jeep fees will be accounted for as upon arrival into the park a jeep will be waiting for you

  1. Add ons – with options safari activitiessuch as balloon safaris, night game drives, cultural visits, walking safaris taking some of these options will increase the cost of your safari.
  1. Number of travelers– your group size slightly influences the safari cost as some facilities will be shared example jeep costs
  1. Time of the year– this slightly influence the cost of the safari with facilities like lodges being priced higher on the peak season & a bit lower on the lower season

Below; illustrations for safari costs per safari trip

Illustration assuming group tour for 6 persons (4 Day Tanzania budget Camping Safari explore -Lake Manyara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro crater)

DAYSNational ParkEntrance Fee P/P

Camping Fee


Estimated per person for Food/camping equipment/crew wagesNgorongoro crater service fee per jeep

Jeep fees shared by 6


DAY 01Lake Manyara N/P45 US$30 US$50 US$N/A200$
DAY 02Ngorongoro Transit60 US$30 US$50 US$N/A200$
Serengeti N/P70 US$  
DAY 03Ngorongoro 60 US$30 US$50 US$N/A200 US$
DAY 04Ngorongoro Crater serviceN/AN/A50 US$250 US$/6200 $
 235 US$ per person90 US$ per person200 US$ per person250 US$ /6 = 42 US$ Per Person800 US$/6 =134 Per Peron

Total direct costs of a tour (before VAT 18%) Per person is 701US$


Total direct cost after (VAT 18%) Per person 827 US$

Note: This tour sells for 925 US$ per person, is it not a great value deal…? Given the Tanzania budget camping safari cost, other administrative costs & risks involved

To get the best safari price in Tanzania and claim your discount its only advisable to contact our experts with whatever details you have and we will surely give you the most competitive and affordable safari price ever.

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