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Health in Tanzania Safari

Please consult your doctor or physician before travelling to Tanzania.  

If you are on physician recommended medicine, it would be ideal if you have a sufficient supply to last the term of your remain and a duplicate of your prescription(s).

  • Malaria: Tanzania is situated in a malaria-risk area. It is therefore essential that you consult your medical practitioner regarding anti-malaria requirements prior to your trip.
  • Vaccinations: The Tanzanian government requires foreign visitors to show proof of yellow fever vaccine completed before they enter Tanzania.

However, other vaccinations may need to be taken before your Tanzania safari trip, depending on your own specific pre-existing health conditions. Whether or not you need a vaccine will depend on your situation and what type of safari experience you’re looking for.

  • COVID-19: Your health is our top priority and Kilele well-informed measures address all concerns travellers may have surrounding COVID-19. In line with the latest recommendations from leading authorities like the World Health Organization, our protocols ensure safe environments and experiences throughout your visit. Please check the latest travel advisory to ensure that you are prepared for all special COVID-19 travel requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Requirements change from time to time. Although we endeavor to stay updated, Kilele Climb cannot be held liable for any incorrect or outdated information and we strongly advise guests to always consult their GP and/or travel clinic regarding the latest requirements prior to departure.

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