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Serval Wildlife Lodge

About This Property

Serval Wildlife Lodge are located in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro with easily accessible roads for all car-types all the way to our lodge; a 35-minute drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport, 60 minutes from Moshi town and approximately 90 minutes from Arusha City.

If you are looking for a fascinating, exclusive, and unparalleled experience then Serval Wildlife is for you!

Serval Lodge are a luxury ecotourism lodge and wildlife haven tucked away in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Come explore our carefully curated ecosystem with over 3000 hand planted endemic flora that directly benefit the exquisite animals that reside within Serval Wildlife, whilst you enjoy the mesmerising views of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro from our 5-star villas.

Currently we are home to a variety of different animals such as the Majestic African Lions, Calm Colobus Monkeys, Graceful Masai Giraffes, Nocturnal Bat-eared Foxes, Exquisite Elands, Oafish Ostriches, and Mischievous Blue & Vervet monkeys! Offering unforgettable direct interactions with a variety of free-roaming wild animals.

At Serval Wildlife they ensure that these interactions are positive and provide enrichment for the animals as the interactions are carefully monitored with trusted and experienced keepers that priorities Safety, Animal Health and Welfare. Interactions may vary from day to day as our animals interact with humans at their own will and guests must wait for the animal to approach, this allows our animals to interact at will and leave an interaction by simply leaving the area as they please.

This are a newly established lodge within the area and are actively working behind the scenes with a team of wildlife vets’, conservationists, and the authorities to provide the best possible life for animals that cannot be rehabilitated into the wild due to various reasons. Our vision is to expand our safe haven to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; working towards actively contributing to in-situ conservation efforts within Tanzania.

Hotel Amenities

  • Internet
  • Car park
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Outside National Park

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