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Ole Serai Luxury Camp

About this Property

This particular camp is located 17kms from Seronera HQ / Airstrip, and lies right in the heart of central Serengeti. The spectacular and secluded location of this camp boasts all year-round game which choose to graze around the camp due to its lagoon type contoured landscape, where the camps is surrounded on three sides by water catchments. There are also large acacia trees spread sparingly across the camp which adds on to create a tranquil feel of the camp and also helps provide natural shading assisting to keep cool the tents during the hot summer months.


The Ole Serai Luxury Camp – Turner Springs consists of 20 Luxury Guest Tents that are set out and specially designed with maximum guest privacy in mind.

It’s unique tent designs will be able to offer in excess of 180 degree of clear views from ones bed, creating a feeling of the tent room being out in the open, whilst still providing a sense of privacy, security and comfort to the guests. The camp boasts fine dining experiences, luxurious and comfortable beddings and furnishings, personalized and butler services if required, apart from a wide range of extensive features.
Guest Sleeper Tents Variety:

  • 10 Double Tent Rooms – 45 sqm each
  • 04 Twin Tent Rooms – 45 sqm each
  • All Tents having 180 degree Panoramic views

Room Facilities

  • Full board, including drinks
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable bed
  • Warm duvets
  • Mosquito net
  • Ensuite bathroom with bath, shower and toilet
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Solar energy
  • Outdoor deck chairs
  • Wifi
  • Panoramic view
  • Laundry service

Hotel Amenities

  • lounge and bar, inside and outside dining facilities
  • Reception desk
  • Nearest airstrip is Seronera, just a 25-minute drive away
  • 24-hr solar electricity with a back-up generator
  • Inside National Park

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