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National Park Overview

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is without a doubt the best-known wildlife haven on the planet, unmatched for its characteristic magnificence and well known for wildebeest relocation. Serengeti National Park is additionally the biggest National Park in Tanzania and one of the most tremendous parks on the planet, the Serengeti covers 14763 square kilometers. Serengeti signifying "Unlimited Plains" in the neighborhoodMaasai language is a world legacy site and Tanzania's most seasoned and most mainstream National park. The Serengeti National Park has likewise been broadcasted as one of the 7 miracles of the world. The Serengeti comprises of a wide range of territories, including field fields, kopjes, riverine backwoods, bogs and forests, supporting a high assortment of wildlife species. The Serengeti National Park can be partitioned into three particular areas, the Western Corridor, the Northern Lobo zone that stretches out northwards to the Maasai Mara and the Seronera Valley and Seronera River region. Wildlife seeing in the Serengeti National park and the Great Wildebeest Migration is colossal! No place on earth is there a sight rival the display of 1.5 million hoofed animals on the walk. Huge groups of wild ox, eland, topi, waterbuck, impala, kongoni and Grant's gazelle can be seen brushing in the thousands. The Serengeti is popular for its moving wildebeest and herbivores as well as for its high centralization of enormous felines and different predators that these nibblers draw in. The Serengeti is likewise home to smaller felines, for example, the caracal and serval, just as jackal, fox, mongoose and genet. Different species found in this wild territory incorporate crocodiles, hedgehogs, wenches, agama reptiles, snakes and manure bugs. Africa's Big Five are likewise bounteous in the Serengeti, with giraffe, warthog, mandrills and African Wild Dogs additionally possessing this extraordinary safari destination park. The Serengeti has around 500 winged animal species, including dark falcon, secretary flying creature, Kori bustard, shrikes, ostrich, delegated crane and marabou stork.. Some of them are Eurasian vagrants who are available in the European winter a very long time from October to April.

National Park Activity

Game Drives, Night game drives- See the nocturnal animals, Hot-air Balloon Safaris, Cultural Safaris- Meet the Maasai Tribes, Guided Walking Safaris – You can watch many species from close and know more about them, Bush dinners, Picnics, Camping, Stargazing.

It is home to the largest concentration of lion population. It is the oldest Tanzanian National park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Maasai people live in Mara region of Serengeti .

Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

The best time for general wildlife watching is considered to be during the month of June and July.Read More

How To Go

How To Go

As Serengeti National Park is a relatively-isolated, protected area, travelers generally have to journey for a while in order to reach it. Read More


You can without a lot of a stretch recognize the Big Five of Africa close by a substantial number of wildebeests, zebras, elands, crocodile and other shifted kinds of animals can be spotted at Serengeti.

Most Attractive point of Park - Undoubtedly, the Great Annual Migration Wildlife.

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The Camps In The Serengeti National Park

We offer camping and accommodation inside the game reserve. We partner to provide the best accommodation for you amid your Tanzania visit.

Asili serengeti Tented camp
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Seronera Public Campsite
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Serengeti Sopa Lodge
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