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Ndutu Heritage Tented Camp

Ndutu Heritage Camp is located in the Ndutu Big Marsh region of the Serengeti habitat, in the southern portion of the Serengeti and Northern Ngorongoro. Surrounded by natural trees and bushes, which attract a diverse range of birds and animals to the region. Ndutu provides peace and tranquility away from the madding crowds, far away from the bustling tourist circuit. Relax and unwind by spending time with us. Relax to the rhythm of an African day as the rising light is heralded by a plethora of bird sounds. Stay near to the camp and observe our native animals, or take a trip to see the variety of ecosystems that are easily accessible. Return to Ndutu Heritage Camp’s homey warmth and kindness after dusk.

It’s the ideal location for your safari between December and May


Traditional tented camps are by far the finest way to see animals on an African safari. Nothing beats relaxing in a luxury cabin in a lovely environment with the sounds and views of nature around. You may wish to visit Africa to observe the wildlife and stunning African landscapes while remaining close to nature’s rhythm; the deluxe tented camp is the ideal place to do so!


Room Facilities

  • Electrical outlets
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Tea/Coffee
  • En-suite bathrooms with shower and flush toilets
  • Pure Cotton Linen sheets
  • 24 hour communication (Walkie Talkies)


Hotel Amenities

  • Cozy lounges
  • Restaurant
  • Bar with a large selection of cocktails and liquors
  • Bonfire
  • Grilling stations
  • Inside National Park

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