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Uganda Safari Tipping

Uganda doesn’t have a tipping culture, so tipping is not mandatory. Still, visitors do leave a tip to show thankfulness. A small amount of tips is a lot of money for them. Ugandans earn very less amount of money per day. The small amount of tips becomes the biggest reason of their happiness, especially the persons who are working in the tourism industry. If you are really happy with the service, you can really make their day by giving a healthy tip. It’s usual to tip drivers, hotel/lodge/camp staffs, safari and gorilla tracking guides and porters at the end of a safari or hike. For guides, you can tip between USD$10 to $20 per day per guest For a porter, US$5 to US$10 For a private driver, you can tip US$20 to US$30 per day for the group. For the lodge/hotel or camp staff (US$5 to US$10 per guest), and many lodges have their own tip box where you leave money to be shared out amongst the staff.