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Uganda Safari Foods

Food is an important part of the whole travel experience. Uganda is truly a foodie destination to feel the heart and soul with some unique tastes. Ugandan cuisines represent the mixed-flavors of Arab, Asian, English and Indian. The local produce such as sweet potatoes, corn, cassava and beans are cheap almost everywhere in the country. Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants are the most famous in Uganda.

Traditional Foods :

Ugali: - Maize meal porridge served with a stew of peanuts, beans, chicken, mutton or beef.

Chapati- A staple bread made with wheat flour, baking powder, salt and water

Katogo- A traditional Ugandan breakfast with fried plantains served with soup, beans, beef and vegetables.

Chaloko- Made with pinto beans, green peppers, tomatoes, and red or purple onions.

Mandazi- A fried bread that is sweetened with coconut milk and shaped into circles or triangles.

Nsenene- A popular dish of fried grasshoppers that are often sold in pubs and roadside eateries

Uganda Beverages :

Various fruit juices, tea and coffee are popular drinks. In alcoholic beverages, Western beers are available across the country as well as locally fermented drinks such as banana beers and wines that include pombe, lubisi, and tonto.