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Uganda Safari Chic

List of stylish outfit for Uganda Safari

  • long sleeve safari shirt anti-insect repellent
  • Safari Dress with insect repellent fabric
  • Safari Shorts
  • Safari trousers with zip-off legs and insect repellent fabric
  • Fully-covered hat
  • swimwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • excellent hiking boots
  • safari hiking socks, anti-sweat
  • water bottle
  • Good sun-screen(SPF 30+)
  • Mosquito Spray with DDT
  • Cotton underwear and cotton nightwear
  • Hand sanitizer
  • light fold-up rain jacket for the Gorilla Trek
  • Light sweater for Gorilla trek – it may be cold in the morning.
  • Gloves for the Gorilla trek

Tip: Avoid bright colored dress, it attracts tsetse fly. Loose-fitting dresses are good for protecting skin from harsh sun rays.