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One of Tanzania's most beautiful wild territories, the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, is a high backwoods zone and a shelter for explorers. This 1,990 sq km park was framed in 1992 by consolidating a few timberland saves. The mountains are a piece of the Eastern African Arc, a chain of old mountains which keep running from the Taita Hills in Kenya through the Pare and Usambara extents to the Uluguru Mountains to Udzungwa. The park covers a wide scope of heights, from 200 m to Luhombero Peak at 2,576 m, and is the main spot in East Africa with solid timberland shade over this whole rise, running from miombo forests, bamboo woodland and marsh backwoods to montane woodland and good country meadow. Udzungwa's wildlife is rich, containing Tanzania's biggest assortment of primates, ten species including four not found anyplace else – these are the Sanje-peaked mangabey, the Iringa (Uhehe) red colobus monkey, the Matundugalago and the Amani mountain overshadow galago (shrub infant). Different primates incorporate highly contrasting monkeys, blue monkeys and thick-followed galago. Rarer animals incorporate red duiker, blue duiker, sun squirrel, bushpig and bushbuck. More than 250 bird species have been recorded including the rufous-winged sunbird and Udzungwa partridge; both are uncommon endemics and more than 1300 types of butterfly, of which 121 are endemic to Tanzania. There are in any event 5 extraordinary types of creatures of land and water and reptiles. Lion, leopard, bison and hippo are available however fundamentally in the less open pieces of the park.

Udzungwa National Park

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Udzungwa Mountains National Park is the biggest and most bio-different of a chain of twelve enormous woodland swathed mountains that ascent magnificently from the level beach front territory of eastern Tanzania.

Udzungwa has likewise been named the African Galapagos for its gathering of endemic plants and creatures. Udzungwa has likewise been named the African Galapagos for its gathering of endemic plants and creatures.

Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

Udzungwa Mountain National Park is opened for voyagers lasting through the year. Read More

How To Go

How To Go

Udzungwa Mountain National Park is all around open by roadways and train are in like way accessible to the park.Read More


Udzungwa is home to six primate species including the Iringa red colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey, which are not found wherever else on the planet. The park has a rich birdlife with more than 400 aviary fauna, some of which are endemic to Udzungwa allegorically. You can in like way spot elephant, buffalo, hippopotamus, lion and leopard from time to time at the park.

Most Attractive point of Park Its primate species which includes the Iringa red colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey.

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