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Tipping In Tanzania Safari

How, who and how much should we tip on safari in Tanzania? That’s a common question from travellers, so we’ve put together the following guidelines. Along with the general etiquette of Tipping In Tanzania Safari, we’ve highlighted the various points to consider, which we hope will help you to avoid awkward situations during Tanzania Safari Tours.

Who To Tip And When On A Tanzania Safari

It’s important to know who would appreciate the Tipping On A Safari In Tanzania, as there are many people working to make your travel a success. Consider:

Tipping Guides: An exciting and successful safari depends mainly on your guide. For this reason, many lodges suggest tipping him/her separately, to ensure that they get a fair tip.

Tipping The ‘Team’ Of Staff: A lot of people work behind the scenes to ensure that your trip is a success, including the chefs, the kitchen team, the maids and the housekeeping staff. To include all of these ‘back of house’ people, many camps have a ‘general staff tip box’, with the proceeds divided equally between the staff.

Do I Tip The Managers: Some travellers ask if they should tip the camps managers? They are important, of course, but would you tip the owner of a restaurant? Generally, we don’t think so, and similarly, we wouldn’t usually recommend that you tip the manager. That said, there are exceptions to this rule, perhaps if you want to appreciate outstanding or extraordinary service.

Dos and Don’ts of Tanzania Safari Tipping

Here are some Tanzania Safari Tipping Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do tip after each activity
  • Do tip at the end of each day
  • Do tip at the end of your stay
  • Don’t be too generous with your tips
  • Don’t tip a stranger without asking your guide about it.
  • Don’t tip when are being demanded to tip
How Much To Tip On A Tanzania Safari

The amounts we suggest here are just guidelines based on our experience of Tanzania Safari. Tipping is a matter of personal opinion and individual satisfaction – moderated by some understanding of the issues mentioned above.

Given that, we’d recommend that for good service, our travellers tip around:

  • US$8–10 per guest per day for a group guide
  • US$15–20 per guest per day for a private guide
  • US$5–10 per guest per day for a safari chef
  • US$1–2 per guest per day for the general staff
  • US$3–5 per city transfer

In reference to the impact on the economy, note that the gross national income (GNI) in Tanzania is about US$2.49 per person per day. This is a reflection of the average income of Tanzania’s citizens.

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Useful Tanzania Safari Travel Tips

Here we have arranged our top travel advice into sections to help you with every stage of a Tanzania Safari, from research to planning, from packing to traveling safari adventure smoothly and safely. We even have specific advice for a variety of Tanzania Safari Adventure.

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