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Tanzania Wildlife Safari Overview

When you hear Safari you automatically think of wildlife. With jaw-dropping scenery, the density of wildlife in Tanzania is second to none. The Serengeti National Park alone has nearly 2 million wildebeest and zebras. Every season they migrate along age-old pathways with a hungry lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena not far behind. And, who can forget about the African big 5 found abundantly in numerous Tanzania National Parks? No wonder, Tanzania Wildlife Safari is the most shot-after African destinations in the world.

Hands down, the Tanzania Wildlife Safari is an unforgettable holiday. It’s an awe-inspiring experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Tanzania Safari Tours is the premier safari destination with amazing wildlife spectacles and iconic national parks and reserves.

Roam the plains, watch the wildlife in its native habitat from the comfort of our 4x4 vehicles. Embark on a walking safari. Experience the diversity of the Tanzanian ecosystem. Cruise along with Tanzania safari with elephant, hippo, and birdlife along the banks. Camp out safely on the savannah, wake up to the lion roaring be your morning lion. Sit around the campfire at night, spend some quality time beneath the African sky glittering with stars.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Facts

  • Best Time: For all Wildlife Safaris In Tanzania is from June to October; June-July for the wildebeest migration and January-February for the calving, both in the Serengeti National Park.
  • High Season: July to March - parks in the northern circuit get crowded.
  • Low Season: April and May is the low season though the northern circuit parks still have quite a few visitors.
  • Best Weather: June to October when there is hardly any rainfall.
  • Worst Weather: March and April is the peak of the wet (rainy) season.

If you plan your Tanzania Wildlife Safari during June- October, you’ll be able to witness the greatest spectacle of the Wildebeest migration. This is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania Safari

When it comes to Tanzania Wildlife Safaris, the sky's the limit. Kilele Climb is associated with the best camps and lodges across Africa.  Have a look at our excellent choices of Tanzania Safari Packages. Start choosing activities that appeal to you the most and our Tanzania Safari Guide will help create your perfect mix of Tanzania Safari Experiences.


8 Days Tanzania Wildlife Tafari

Elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, wildebeests, buffalo, zebra, primates, more than 260 kinds of fowls, and interminable others—all make their home in Tanzania. Safari game drives here are a life-advancing learning.

7 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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7 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

The annual migration of wildebeest through Tanzania and into nearby Kenya is a wildlife show not at all like some other. A similar number of as 1.6 million animals make the trek each year, searching for sustenance, water, and a spot to raise their young.

6 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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6 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris are hypnotizing, and offer presumably the best wildlife finding in Africa. The size of the Serengeti is to abundance, supporting immense inhabitant predators, elephant peoples and the home of the Wildebeest development.

5 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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5 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania has a lucky rundown of wildlife safari attractions, and inside its edges offers parks, for instance, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Katavi, Selous and Mount Kilimanjaro.

4 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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2 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

This safari features some of the popular Northern Circuit game parks. With the Best of Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire Safari travel in custom designed 4x4 safari vehicles

1 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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3 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

This 3 day safari option is a great way to experience some of Tanzania’s amazing wildlife within a short period of time. This compact safari is ideal for those who are on a tight.

Tarangire Ngorongoro Crater Lake Manyara
2 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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4 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

When you approach Lake Manyara National Park from the east, the Rift Valley escarpment looms on the horizon forming an impressive backdrop to the lake.

3 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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Best Safari Medium For Kilele Climb

We have an armada of well-kept up safari vehicles. The safaris that we run are tweaked and prohibitive without being unreasonably esteemed. This suggests when you are on safari with us you get a 4×4 vehicle which is for your prohibitive use in a manner of speaking. There will be the same clients obliging you in the Kenya safari vehicles. This has the good position that your safari will be indisputably logically versatile to the extent times of flight, etc.

Our vehicles are outfitted with HF radios for correspondence with our base stations. This suggests you are reliably in contact with our office to help with the event that you slow down out or have a breakdown.

Safari Guides are the most significant factor of your holiday as they open their existence to you. An unfathomable guide will change your holiday to wonderful experience.

Knowing where wildlife will when all is said in done meander, identifying feathered animal calls, spurring you with their close-by legends and traditions of their systems, sharing the insider certainties of the helpful properties housed in trees and plants - information which has been disregarded on ages. We have the best guides for our clients, which is the best way to deal with see your picked country and we by and large source the best guides at each camp or lodge.

Here is a sample for safari packing list which you can use while packing:


  • Sun hats with rim
  • Sun glasses with good uv protection
  • A cotton scarf to protect neck from sun burn
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We have emergency doctor on standby 24x7 for any emergency or untoward situation during stay. All the doctors are qualified and have the knowledge of the latest technology and techniques.

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