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Tanzania Travel Safety

95% of our clients have never complained about any tanzania travel safety concern. You will be traveling to dense locations, where there is no mobile network or internet connection. Worry out, Tanzania Safety Ratings in general are very high, and with our reliable guides, you will be able to go for Tanzania Safari Tours with full confidence. 

We would like you to keep the following things in mind when you Travel To Tanzania

  • Pay 100% for your trip before arrival incase of any mishaps and to avoid carry large amount of money 
  • Most places accept cards. We advise you to keep a small amount of money and some change handy
  • Use safety lockers for your luggage, wherever possible
  • Incase you have misplaced or forgotten your personal items inform us, driver or mountain guide, and we will do our best to help you out
  • Concerning food safety in Tanzania, we highly recommend you to drink only packaged drinking water and eat food at your hotel
  • Street food is generally safe, but we recommend you to avoid it for your personal health reasons 
  • While going for any city or day tours, be vigilant of your hand bags and money 
  • We suggest you travel with only known and recommended guides.
Is Tanzania Safe For Female Solo Travelers?

We are frequently asked this question by many guests. Kilele Climb has hosted female solo travelers for safari and hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro with success. No incidents of robbery or any attack have been reported so far. Many of our solo female travelers also opt to explore the cities and other places independently, and their experience for Tanzania Travel Safety has been relatively good. 

We would advise you to take all general safety measures and keep your family or friends informed about your whereabouts while traveling to any part of Tanzania.

Insurance For Your Tanzania Safety & Security 

Sometimes something happens that may cause a disruption to your trip. You may fall ill, miss a flight or be in need of emergency evacuation. This hardly ever happens, however, we care about our customer’s wellbeing and we aim to ensure that appropriate cover is offered.

AMREF provides medical evacuations in the case of serious medical conditions. The patient is airlifted out of the remote area in an air ambulance that is fitted with equipment to respond to medical emergencies, including Intensive care cases.

Depending on the medical case, the aircraft may be fitted with the following:
  • Cardiac monitor, recorder and defibrillator (Lifepac10,Zoll-M Series, Siemens)
  • Ventilators (Draeger Oxylog 2000; Oxylog 3000, Siemens Servo 300)
  • Pulse Oximeters (Nonin)
  • Automated sphygmanometer (CAS Medical Systems)
  • Automatic suction units (Laerdal Standard)
  • Scoop stretchers and full body size, vacuum mattresses
  • Slow infusion pumps (Fresenius and Braun)
  • Endotracheal intubation equipment
  • Chest drainage equipment
  • Traction splints & neck collars
  • Kendrick extrication device
  • Neonatal transport incubator
  • Paediatric and neonatal resuscitation equipment
  • Paediatric Broselow tape and bag
  • Oxygen masks with non-rebreather reservoirs
  • Airways and nasal cannulae
  • Intravenous fluids (crystalloids, colloids)
  • I-Stat handheld laboratory
  • Current ACLS medications; Snake Ant venom

As our client you have coverage for two weeks. If your safari is longer than two weeks, contact us to get information on how to extend the AMREF coverage.

Kilimanjaro Search & Rescue Services

This covers clients who climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and conditions are not always ideal on the slopes. Although accidents and emergencies rarely happen we prefer to ensure that you are completely covered in any event. We offer the services of KSAR – Kilimanjaro Search & Rescue.  KSAR operations are based in Moshi, to ensure they are able to attend to emergencies as quickly as possible.

Modern, efficient, and specialised helicopters are based at an airport in Moshi, ready to depart at any time in the event of an emergency.

Services offered by KSAR are:
  • Evacuation
  • High Altitude Medical Clinic – specialised doctors at a clinic provide relief for altitude sickness.
  • Pre-Post medical consultation – Medical consultation before and after each climb should you need it.
  • Ambulance – make house calls to lodges and hotels after an emergency to ensure the patient is comfortable and recovering well.
  • MEDIVAC – medically equipped flights to transfer patients across borders for specialised treatment.
  • Doctors on duty – you may hire a doctor to accompany you on your climb. Please contact us to see if this is an option for you.
KSAR also offers free evacuation for porters and guides.

Stay updated about security information from government travel advisories before venturing into your Tanzania Safari Tours. Kilele Climb provides customised and tailored packages and also gives the best Tanzania Travel Advice for various Tanzania Travel Requirements that you will need on your Tanzania Safari Trip.

Useful Tanzania Safari Travel Tips

Here we have arranged our top travel advice into sections to help you with every stage of a Tanzania Safari, from research to planning, from packing to traveling safari adventure smoothly and safely. We even have specific advice for a variety of Tanzania Safari Adventure.

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