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Tanzania Camping Safari Overview

The adventurous Tanzania Camping Safari will engage you in the East African wilderness. Here you will travel on rough roads, pass through tiny rural settlements and see fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Experience the nocturnal sounds, compensating for the luxury of a lodge here in your Tanzania Safari Tours.

What To Expect On An Tanzania Camping Safari?

You will stay in large two-man dome canvas tents during your Tanzania Camping Safari. In your Tanzania Tented Camp Safari you will be provided with spacious tents which are enough for two adults and luggage. There is also option of opting for your own tent by including the single supplement.

These tents are not just well-ventilated but also have mosquito covered nets. There are fly-sheets available for the rain. Sleeping mats are also included in most camping safaris. An important Tanzania Travel Advice is that you must not forget to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and towels as these will not be provided at the tent.

Tanzania Private Camping Safari

Mobile Camping Safaris Tanzania is a popular choice of most travellers now a days. You can book a private camping safari which means you will have your own well maintained, clean Land Cruiser with photographic roof thatch driven by a professional, well experienced local safari driver guide and more.

Your meals will be provided by a private chef who will also be responsible for pitching your tents so this is a stress free safari.

Best Time For Tanzania Camping Safaris

You can go for Camping In Tanzania any time of the year. However, it is important to note that the monsoon season in Tanzania is most significantly during the month of April and May when we experience heavy downpours in most parts of Tanzania and East Africa in general. The rest of the months from January to March and from June to December are the Best Time To Visit Tanzania for camping safaris.

Budget Tanzania Camping Safari – Affordable Safari In Tanzania

Budget Camping Safari Tanzania is the most affordable way to explore Tanzania. But you will have to forget the swanky safari lodges and luxury tented camps. Make peace with the natural environment and its peaceful serene beauty.

We provide with all kinds of basic necessities in your Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package. With self-catering, street food, eating in local restaurants and travelling by public transport keeping your costs in check, you will experience the best of Tanzania Camping Safari here even on a budget trip.

Also for those planning Budget Camping Safari Serengeti we provide customised services and packages that suit your need.

Customized Tanzania Camping Safari Experience

Kilele Climb provides you a customised Tanzania Camping Safari considering all your personal needs and requirements during the tour.  We also have an exclusive list of Tanzania Safari Packing List that will help you get all the necessary travel requirements for your trip.

To prepare a customized Tanzania Safari Tours for you, we need to know the following details about your travel plans:

  • When you wish to do a Camping Safari In Tanzania?
  • How many days you wish to spend on safari?
  • How many persons are travelling with you?
  • Any specific park or reserve that you wish to visit?

 Please find the details on Tanzania Safari Guide section, if you want a specially tailored safari for you and your group. We will be honoured to be at your service. Plan your trip today with Kilele Climb!


6 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

6 Days Tanzania camping safari tours, thinking of a safari into the continent of Africa means a great experience & unforgettable memories.

5 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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5 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

This 5-day Camping Safari tour will take you to some of the most popular safari destinations in Tanzania.

4 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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4 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

Starting and ending in Moshi, this affordable 4 Days Tanzania Camping Safari is ideal for travelers with a limited time and budget in East Africa!

3 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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3 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

Starting and ending in Moshi, this affordable 4 Days Tanzania Camping Safari is ideal for travelers with a limited time and budget in East Africa!

2 nights from On a shoestring $ Mid-range $ Luxury $
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Best Safari Medium For Kilele Climb

We have an armada of well-kept up safari vehicles. The safaris that we run are tweaked and prohibitive without being unreasonably esteemed. This suggests when you are on safari with us you get a 4×4 vehicle which is for your prohibitive use in a manner of speaking. There will be the same clients obliging you in the Kenya safari vehicles. This has the good position that your safari will be indisputably logically versatile to the extent times of flight, etc.

Our vehicles are outfitted with HF radios for correspondence with our base stations. This suggests you are reliably in contact with our office to help with the event that you slow down out or have a breakdown.

Safari Guides are the most significant factor of your holiday as they open their existence to you. An unfathomable guide will change your holiday to wonderful experience.

Knowing where wildlife will when all is said in done meander, identifying feathered animal calls, spurring you with their close-by legends and traditions of their systems, sharing the insider certainties of the helpful properties housed in trees and plants - information which has been disregarded on ages. We have the best guides for our clients, which is the best way to deal with see your picked country and we by and large source the best guides at each camp or lodge.

Here is a sample for safari packing list which you can use while packing:


  • Sun hats with rim
  • Sun glasses with good uv protection
  • A cotton scarf to protect neck from sun burn
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We have emergency doctor on standby 24x7 for any emergency or untoward situation during stay. All the doctors are qualified and have the knowledge of the latest technology and techniques.

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