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Kilele Climb View's On Mount Rwenzori

The Rwenzori is a spectacular mountain range situated in Africa on the fringe of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The range isn't volcanic however comprises of crystalline shake that moved upward from the world's covering. Antiquated individuals called the range "the Mountains of the Moon." Ptolemy, the Alexandrian geographer, first utilized this name on a guide. The mountains were believed to be the wellspring of the Nile River. In fact, softening snows from the range do nourish probably the most remote Nile tributaries. The range is just 80 miles in length however contains one of the most sensational assorted varieties of biological systems on the planet, for here inside only a couple of miles from one another are the warmth of tropical wildernesses and the cold of frigid ice. Truth be told, there are five particular zones of home creating a universe of stunning biodiversity.

Mount Rwenzori

The range was named Rwenzori by European pilgrim Henry M. Stanley, after a local word signifying "precipitation creator." Indeed, the Rwenzori IS a downpour producer, for as long as 350 days a year downpour falls on these mountains, encouraging the thick foliage. At the base is the African savannah abounding with creatures including elephants and zebras. This zone is for the most part between around 3,000 and 5,500 feet (914 - 1,676 m.). Over the fields is the rainforest from 5,500 to 7,500 feet (1,676 - 2,286 m.). Here are monster plants, wild banana trees and lianas. Over the wilderness is the incomparable BAMBOO backwoods, coming to up to around 9,500 feet (2,895 m.). Alright, so over the bamboo is the HEATH zone. This zone stretches out up to around 12,000 feet (3,657 m.) or thereabouts, and is a place that is known for dribbling lichen-secured heather trees approaching over a ground front of greeneries and liverwort. The trees, in spite of the fact that 40 feet tall or something like that, are relatives of the low bush developing in the Scottish moorlands. Going higher, you will arrive at the ALPINE zone, over 12,000 feet (3,657 m.), a land which in its lower segments is commanded by mammoths. Here are plants exceptional just to the Afro-Alpine zone, including the tree groundsel and goliath lobelia. The upper ranges of this zone, reaching out up to around 14,500 feet (4,419 m.), comprise for the most part of rough landscape secured with dark lichens and darker greeneries. At last, over 14,500 feet and coming to Margherita Peak at 16,763 feet (5,109 m.) the most noteworthy point in the range, on Mount Stanley, the Rwenzorimountains are enveloped by changeless day off tempest cleared icy masses.

The Ruwenzori Mountains is a mountain range extending as much as 120 kilometers. A diamond of Uganda's travel industry, this snow-topped chain of mountains is also called the Mountains of the Moon, as it was first portrayed by geographer, stargazer and mathematician Ptolemy. This range arrives at a greatest rise of 5,109 meters at its pinnacle, making it the tallest mountain extend in the entire of Africa. As far as height, the Ruwenzori Mountains is next just to Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, the two of which are detached mountains.

Ruwenzori is unquestionably one of Africa's most phenomenal natural habitats. The Ruwenzori Mountains are the highest and most permanent wellsprings of the River Nile, and establish an imperative water catchment. The mountains are outstanding for their one of a kind snow-capped vegetation which incorporates numerous species endemic to the Albertine Rift in the higher altitude zones including goliath heathers, groundsels and lobelias. The Park likewise supplies nearby communities with different wild assets and is a significant cultural heritage.

The Ruwenzori are essentially identified as one of the most one of a kind and these have alpine climates however found in a tropical area. This likewise implies it gets more elevated amounts of rainfall that anyplace else on the planet. This energizing blend of both substantial downpour fall as extraordinary presentation to the sun which has made the most essential scene, enclosed by the goliath tree heathers, the lobelias, the groundsel, the bright lichen just as the thick greenery. It's likewise a record of the lush vegetation which the Ruwenzori have been depicted as the home of Africa's organic major game. By and large temperatures around the 3,000 to 4,000 meters imprint are around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius during the day and 2 to 6 Celsius at night.On the peak it can drop to less than 2 degrees Celsius during the day however on occasion it very well may be + 8 or 10 degrees Celsius. It likewise gets exceptionally stormy on the peaks which acquire a chill factor in bad weather.


  • Stunning Landscape
  • Beautiful lakes
  • Home to many endemic species flora and fauna


  • The hike level is difficult.
  • And route during the rainy season become slippery.

The Rwenzori Mountains are characterized by overwhelming rainfalls that make the zone somewhat testing with regards to hiking safaris. The dry season is the best for you to hike on Mount Rwenzori. This season begins from the long periods of June to August and December to February however during this period, you will expect some rain showers while on hiking visit to the Rwenzori Mountains.

The Mountains of the Moon are found inside the Rwenzori National Park and the Nyakalengija trailhead is open around 22 kilometers from Kasese. If you are in Kampala, there are 2 fundamental routes to the mountain; a Northern route by means of the dazzling Fort Portal town to Ibanda and Southern route through Kasese which crosses the equator twice. If you are in DR Congo, you can likewise arrive at the mountain toward the west or even fly into Kigali-Rwanda and afterward load up the transport to Gisenyi passed the Congo where you will continue to Beni. Now, if you continue towards Kasindi then to Beni, you will cross inside 13 kilometers of Mutwanga.

Trekking Preparation Of Mount Rwenzori

What To Do Before Trekking To Mount Rwenzori

It is recommended to rest before you trek Ruwenzori to give rest to your body. However, you can still go for a safari drive you chimp trekking and then rest at your hotel before heading to summiting the Moon Mountains as the Ruwenzori range is famously known.

What To Do After Trekking To Mount Rwenzori

After summiting the Mt. Ruwenzori you can relax and give rest to your body in the hotel room. Or you can go for chimp trekking or for a safari drive to Queen Elizabeth national Park or the KibaleForest National Park to see the pristine wilderness of Uganda.

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