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Kilele Climb View's On Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second most lifted apex of Africa and the most raised summit of Kenya. This surprising cold apex is beginning at now pulling in trekkers from any place all through the world. Mt Kenya is an old spring of gushing lava, which is encompassed and surrounded by glaciations which give an energizing effect to Mt. Kenya. Mt Kenya is an extinct volcano with rough pinnacles ascending to 5,199m/17,057ft. It has three principle crests; Batian, Nelion and Lenana Peak. Batian and Nelion are for all time frosted with day off little ice sheets, and home to a variety of specialized elevated trips.

Mount Kenya Climbing

Mt Kenya is an extinct volcano with rough pinnacles ascending to 5,199m/17,057ft. It has three principle crests; Batian, Nelion and Lenana Peak. Batian and Nelion are for all time frosted with day off little ice sheets, and home to a variety of specialized elevated trips.

Mount Kenya's spotless wild with lakes, pools, ice sheets, thick boondocks, mineral springs and an assurance of exceptional and risked kinds of animals, high tallness balanced fields preoccupation and uncommon montane and snow-topped vegetation.

Mount Kenya is simply 3hrs away driving on landing area road to the base town, Nanyuki from Jomo Kenyatta International air terminal.

Climbing the highest peak on Mount Kenya, Batian, 5199m is a thrilling experience that even Mount Kilimanjaro can't offer.

Less people suggests less litter, commotion, and contention for bunks at the camps. Each climber can move at their very own pace on summit day, a lavishness that different continually swarmed mountains can't give. Trails are less worn, and visitors may experience minutes where they accept they are the principle individual in a great African mountain wild!

Kenya enjoys a tropical climate with normal yearly temperatures of around 26 C. There are two stormy seasons on the mountain from April-June and October-December. The mountain is a significant water catchment region and numerous waterways, for example, the NaroMoru rise up out of the melting glacier.


  • Picturesque Landscapes
  • Unique flora and fauna
  • Wide range of accommodation option to choose


  • Some of the routes requires technical skillsto reach the summit.

The best times to trek Mt Kenya is the driest months – January, February, and September. June, July, and August are additionally great months. However, temperatures and weather are very capricious, and can change definitely dependent on the time of day and altitude. It's ideal to evade the long stormy season, from the end of the March to early June, and the short rainy season, from November through the start of December.

If you are an international traveler going to Mount Kenya, you should initially fly into Nairobi. From here, you can arrive at the mountain via vehicle or public transport. Mount Kenya is roughly 124 miles (200km) north of Nairobi, and is sensibly all around signposted.

Routes Of Mount Kenya

Sirimon Route starts at Nanyuki, on the North West corner of the mountain, offers the absolute best walkings for what it's worth on the drier side of the mountain. Sirimon route has the most steady climb route profile and furthermore has the best acclimatization choice. The route goes through dazzling Yellowwood forests in the lower scopes of the mountain and beautiful elevated view higher up including exemplary Mt Kenya greenery, goliath lobelia and groundsel. It highlights plentitude of wildlife locating including the Grevy's zebra and shake hyrax. It is additionally famous with winged animal enthusiasts because of its rich aviary fauna.

Chogoria Route in actuality is the most panoramic detour up the Mt. Kenya. Walking other than the Gorges Valley the ascents to the zenith, which apparently the most brilliant feature course to the summit. The course up the mountain is perhaps the driest route making trekking less difficult. While climbing to the zenith you keep running over the incredible wild of the region and witness the differing scenes. In any case, the climbers jump to Naromoru Park Gate through striking precipitation boondocks tracks and complete the explore of Mount Kenya.

NaroMoru is the most mainstream route to climb Mt. Kenya as it is the most effectively available route. Also, it is the snappiest route to the base of the mountain and Pt. Lenna. However, it additionally has perhaps the steepest rising up to the pinnacle. The routes take you up to Mt Kenya through the famously misleading vertical marsh into the Teleki Valley. As you stroll through the Teleki Valley to Mackinders Camp you can locate the eminent perspectives on Batian and Nelion crests. Accommodation on this route is additionally extraordinary with bunkhouses at Met Station and Mackinder's Camp.

Burguret Route starts from the west like the NaroMoru route. It is one of the more disconnected routes to Mt. Kenya. The route is copious of wild, the lower level has thick vegetation, and a knife might be expected to clear vegetation which darkens the lower ways. The route is then drawn nearer by moorland which is spotted with goliath lobelia and groundsels. Rising this route is trying, as a portion of the pieces of the frequently sloppy and unpleasant underneath on this little utilized trek. The descent is typically done by means of Chogoria or Sirimon route.

Trekking Preparation Of Mount Kenya

Before Trek

What To Do Before Trekking To Mount Kenya

Before trekking Mt Kenya, if you have arrived earlier you can either rest at the hotel or opt to go for a short day tour to some of the best wildlife park or you can go for on a safari game drive to see the wilderness of Kenya.

After Trek

What To Do After Trekking To Mount Kenya

After summiting of the second highest peak of Africa, you will definitely want to relax. Then a relaxing beach holiday to Zanzibar Island would be the perfect gateway for you to loosen up and relax. You can also go for safari to some of the best national park such as Massai Mara & Serengeti for a quintessential safari experience.

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