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Safety comes first on Kilimanjaro because it’s a highest mountain in Africa. And it’s a real adventure. Kilele Climb is here to explain all the different dangers associated with Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and how to mitigate against them to go with the Kilimanjaro Safety Procedures.

Is It Safe To Climb Kilimanjaro? We get asked this question a lot – and rightly so! Being serious about Climbing Kilimanjaro means you have to be serious about Kilimanjaro Safety.

Mt Kilimanjaro is a hard climb and should never be underestimated. You're putting yourself in danger if you don't do the necessary research or fail to choose a qualified Kilimanjaro Tour Operator as your climbing partner.

Kilimanjaro Safety Overview

Here are the key factors to consider when it comes to Kilimanjaro Safety:

  • Altitude sickness
  • Experienced Kilimanjaro guides
  • The right safety equipment
  • Choosing a qualified tour operator
  • Nutritious food and safe water
  • Malaria
  • Covid-19
Kilele Climb Safety Practices
  • Our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders(WFR)
  • We haveestablished protocols for handling emergencies on the mountain
  • We conduct twice daily health checksusing a pulse oximeter and stethoscope to measure pulse, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation
  • Our guides are equipped with a satellite communication device, for real time location tracking and communication.
  • We carryemergency oxygen on all climbs to combat serious cases of altitude sickness
  • We carry portable stretcherto quickly evacuate climbers who are unable to walk on their own
  • We carryfirst aid kits to treat minor injuries such as blisters, cuts and abrasions
  • We can initiate helicopter evacuation through Kilimanjaro Search & Rescuefor severely injured or ill climbers
Climbing Kilimanjaro Is Safe?

Taken together, you can see why Kilimanjaro is NOT very dangerous. Most of the dangers can be mitigated before your trip by selecting the right operator, selecting the right route, and by getting yourself checked out by a doctor.

Kilimanjaro Climbing is relatively safe, so if you have an interest in climbing, just do it with Kilele Climb!

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