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Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

What Does a Kilimanjaro Climb Cost? The cost to climb Kilimanjaro is between $3,500–$5,000 per climber, depending on which Kilimanjaro Routes you select. This does not include airfare and personal gear that you want to buy or rent.  Many people commit to Climbing Kilimanjaro before thinking through the full financial implications.

Park Fees
  • Conservation fees70$ per day. This is collected from every client for maintenance, ranger’s payment and other daily cost.
  • (Paid per trek) 20$ per person. Paid just in case you may need or require rescue operation.
  • Camping or Hut fees60$ for Marangu per night and 50$ for all other Kilimanjaro Routes. Charged for using the camps or huts available on the Mountain.
  • 2$ per person per day
  • VAT Tax 18%this is a general consumption tax that is places on goods and services whenever value is added at any stage of production.
  • Main guide 20$
  • Assistance Guide 15$
  • Cook 15$
  • Porters 10$

Food 10-20$ per day per climber including the staff

Transportation. 100$ depending on the route

However, no fixed cost yet known to how much is needed to pay for Kilimanjaro Climb; the cost is highly influenced with the multiple factors. In our advice, do not run to those companies offering the lowest Kilimanjaro Climbing Costs, as the result you may receive the worst service ever, just relax and consider the following factors, so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

Factors Affecting Kilimanjaro Climb Cost:

Different factors affect the price of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, prices range from 1500$-5000$ and above. The cost of climbing Kilimanjaro depends on few primary factors.

  • Climber’s preference: Budget versus luxury climbing.
  • Group size: the cost for solo climber versus group climbers.
  • The route chosen: Short route versus long route, and its facilities.
  • Number of days spent on climbing Kilimanjaro: Case study of 5-days versus 8-days climbing.
  • Tour operators’ own price
The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost Includes
  • Private airport transfers on arrival and depart day
  • 2 Nights’ accommodation in standard lodge in Moshi town (on arrival and departure day, Bed and breakfast)
  • Non personal camping equipment’s
  • Private transport to and from the Mountain gate
  • Food (3-meals a day, snacks, purified water and fruits)
  • Park fees, accommodation fee and rescue fee +18% VAT
  • Salary to guides, cook and the member of the crew (porters)
The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost Excludes
  • Personal expenses
  • Additional day stay or any additional tour activities not covered on the package.
  • Tipping

Overall, you can expect Kilimanjaro Climb Cost between $3500 and $5000 taking everything into consideration. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a trip where you should seek the cheapest options, your health, safety and experience are dependent on you spending a bit of money. Start your Kilimanjaro Climbing with Kilele Climb today!

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