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Kilele Climb View's On Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro: the name itself is canvassed in puzzle and magnificence. Mount Kilimanjaro is the greatest unsupported mountain on earth and Africa's most noteworthy mountain, with its snow-beat Uhuru Peak moving toward 19,341 feet over the savannah fields like a reference point to nature's most marvelous wonders. Staying in its substance, it's not difficult to fathom why this epic three-coned stratovolcano—the Rooftop of Africa—has come to address the persuading magnificence regarding East Africa and a mind blowing life control for the nearby people.

Staying in its substance, it's not difficult to fathom why this epic three-coned stratovolcano—the Rooftop of Africa—has come to address the persuading magnificence regarding East Africa and a mind blowing life control for the nearby people. However, there is a considerable amount more to a Mount Kilimanjaro move than reaching her imperious summit. From base to top, Mount Kilimanjaro incorporates a climatic world visit through five totally specific natural frameworks. Undoubtedly, even before crossing point into the Kilimanjaro National Park limit, the lower created foot grades offer course to a beautiful montane woodland belt, well off in dubious and risked wildlife peoples, including elephant, puma, bison, colobus monkeys, prolific birdlife, and the endangered Abbot's duiker. Higher still lies the moorland zone, where a monstrous front of heather is studded in goliath lobelias. Starting there, the dreamlike high deserts of greenery and lichen are the last remainders of vegetation before meeting up at the summit's winter wonderland of day off cold ice.

While the beginnings of Kilimanjaro's moniker remain yet dark, the name itself has started droves of gutsy spirits to its inclinations. There are seven expert trekking courses to and from Uhuru Point, the most raised summit on the cavity edge of the most noteworthy Kibo volcanic cone, similarly as different other all the additionally mentioning mountaineering courses. Notwithstanding the way, any person who attempts the behemoth Kili does accordingly with the certification of staying on the summit of Africa, the head of the territory. Plan your own Kilimanjaro experience with Kilile Climb Tours today.

Tips For Kilimanjaro Guide

Machame Route Map

Machame Route

Known as the "Whiskey" route, the Machame route is presently the most famous route on the mountain. Contrasted and Marangu, the days on Machame are longer and the strolls are more extreme.

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Marangu Route Map

Marangu Route

Known as the "Coca-Cola" route, Marangu approaches Kilimanjaro from the southeast. It is the most established, most settled course. Many support the Marangu course since.

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Lemosho Route Map

Lemosho Route

The Lemosho route is one of the more up to date routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. The route starts in the west and as opposed to just converging Shira Plateau (like Machame), Lemosho crosses it from Shira Ridge to Shira Camp. Climbers experience low traffic until the route joins the Machame route.

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Rongai Route Map

Rongai Route

The Rongai route is the main route that methodologies Kilimanjaro from the north, near the Kenyan outskirt. In spite of the fact that picking up ubiquity among climbers, Rongai has low traffic. It is the favored route for those searching for an option to the swarmed

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Shira Route Map

Shira Route

The Shira Route is a little used trail that begins close Shira Ridge. It is practically undefined from the Lemosho route. Without a doubt, Shira was the primary route and Lemosho is the improved assortment. Disregarding the way that Shira

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Umbwe Route Map

Umbwe Route

The Umbwe Route is broadly viewed as the hardest trail, an intense vertical trudge through the wilderness, in spots utilizing the tree roots as makeshift rungs on a stepping stool. Having arrived at the Southern Circular Route, trekkers can proceed with north-west.

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Northern Circuit Route Map

Northern Circuit Route

The Newest and longest Route on Mt Kilimanjaro with High Summit Success. The Northern Circuit is the most up to date and longest route on Mt Kilimanjaro. It was opened for trekkers looking for a remote and broadened Mt Kilimanjaro Trek.

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Discover Mount Kilimanjaro with the best small group tours powered by top experts... the perfect balance between spending time on your own and group activities. Change dates or tour if your plans shift.

29 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022 5 Days Marangu Route $1,625 12 Pax Enquiry Here Tour Details
29 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022 5 Days Rongai Route $1,650 open Pax Enquiry Here Tour Details
28 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022 6 Days Umbwe Route $1,735 10 Pax Enquiry Here Tour Details

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to catch up with the full moon dates on the summit could further enhance the whole experience.To summit during a full moon, a 7-day climb should start 5 days prior to the full moon date (8-Day climb should start 6 days prior the full moon date. It is not necessary to summit on the exact full moon date to take advantage of moonlight. A summit on the day before or day after is also beneficial.

A summit attempt done during a full moon could make the evening climb easier, since you might not need to use your head lamps in the bright light of the full moon.

2020 10 9 9 8 7 5 5 3 2 1/31 30 30
2021 28 27 28 27 26 24 24 22 21 20 19 19
2022 17 16 18 16 15 14 13 11 10 9 8 7

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates Shedule

Route Arrival Date Trek Date Departure Date Price (USD) Full Moon Date
7 Days Rongai / Machame Routes Jul 28 ,2020 Jul 29th -Aug 4th Aug 5,2020 $1,835 Aug 3,2020
8 Days Lemosho Route Aug 26,2020 Aug 27th - Sept 3rd Sept 4,2020 $2,015 Sept 2, 2020
7 Days Rongai / Machame Routes Oct 25,2020 Oct 26th -Nov 1st Nov 2,2020 $1,865 Oct 1/31 ,2020
7 Days Marangu Route Nov 25,2020 Nov 26th -Dec 1st Dec 2, 2020 $1,735 Nov 30,2020
8 Days Lemosho Route Dec 23,2020 Dec 24th–Dec 31st Jan 1, 2021 $2,015 Dec 30, 2020
7 Days Machame Route Jan 22 ,2021 Jan 23rd –Jan 29th Jan 30,2021 $1,865 Jan 28,2021
6 Days Marangu Feb 22,2021 Feb 23rd -28th Mar 1, 2021 $1,735 Feb 27,2021
8 Days Lemosho Route Mar 21,2021 Mar 22Nd -29th Mar 30,2021 $2,015 Mar 28,2021
7 Days Machame / Rongai Route Apr 21,2021 Apr 22nd -28th Apr 29,2021 $1,865 Apr 27,2021
6 Days Marangu route May 21,2021 May 22nd- 27th May 28,2021 $1,735 May 26,2021
8 Days Lemosho Route Jun 17,2021 Jun 18th - 25th Jun 25,2021 $2,015 Jun 24,2021
7 Days Rongai / Machame Route Jul 18,2021 Jul 19th - 25th Jul 26, 2021 $1,835 Jul 24,2021
8 Days Lemosho Route Aug 15,2021 Aug 16th- 23rd Aug 24,2021 $2,015 Aug 20,2021
6 Days Umbwe /Rongai Routes Sept 16,2021 Sept 17th -22nd Sept 23, 2021 $1,835 Sept 21,2021
8 Days Machame Route Oct 14,2021 Oct 15th - 21st Oct 22,2021 $1,865 Oct 20,2021
6 Days Marangu Route Nov 14,2021 Nov 15th-20th Nov 21,2021 $1,735 Nov 19,2021
8 Days Lemosho Route Dec 12,2021 Dec 13rd -20th Dec 21,2021 $2,015 Dec 19,2021

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