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If you an enthusiastic climber then certainly you can reach the peak of highest mountain of Africa, Kilimanjaro. The Kilimanjaro Climb would be a memorable life time experience for you. The 5895 metres height is easily reachable. By undertaking the climb you can experience the 5 climactic conditions. You can take up the Lemosho route to reach the summit that would add great views as added bonus for you. You can really have breath-taking Kilimanjaro Activities & experience if you go for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


Hike to Materuni Waterfall and swim in its pool


  • Location:Just north of Moshi
  • Duration:45 minutes of hiking each way
  • Difficulty:Medium (there are steep sections and you’ll get sweaty!)
  • Cost:$65 per person (includes English-speaking guide, packed lunch and bottled water)


Go on a Kilimanjaro coffee plantation tour


  • Location:Just north of Moshi
  • Duration:Around 2 hr
  • Cost:Varies, but often offered as a combo with a guided Materuni Waterfall hike – we're happy to arrange either option for you


Take a dip in Kikuletwa Hot Springs


  • Location: Chemka Hot Springs Campsite, 1 hr drive southwest of Moshi
  • Duration: Full day
  • Cost: $95 per person (includes private guide, entrance fee, packed lunch and bottled water)


Explore the treasures of Moshi


  • Duration: Half a day
  • Cost: Around $30 per person for an English-speaking guide



Canoe on Little Momela Lake


  • Location:Northeast section of Arusha National Park, 40 min drive north of Arusha
  • Duration:Half a day
  • Cost:$360 per person (includes guide, park fee, canoe fee, packed lunch and bottled water)


Visit Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village


  • Location:2 hr drive northwest of Moshi
  • Duration:Full day or overnight
  • Cost:Varies according to package; $50 for the full-day option (includes English-speaking guide, entrance fee, packed lunch and bottled water)


Mountain bike or hike in Rau Forest Reserve


  • Location:10 km northeast of Moshi
  • Duration:7 hr for the hike, 6-9 hr for the mountain bike trip
  • Cost:Around $60 for hiking tour and $90 for riding tour (bikes provided) – add extra for transport


Walk the rim of Ngurdoto Crater


  • Location:Arusha National Park, 40 min drive north of Arusha
  • Difficulty:Moderate
  • Cost:$45 per person park entrance fee – add extra for transport and for guide (optional)


Go on a game drive in Arusha National Park


  • Location:40 minute drive from Arusha
  • Duration:Half day or full day, and can be combined with canoeing on Momela Lakes and/or walking the rim of Ngurdoto Crater
  • Cost:$490 per person (includes transport, park fee, game drive, English-speaking guide, packed lunch and bottled water)


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