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National Park Overview

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park stands high and majestic in the dear blue African sky, with its tremendous vault of day off. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the most noteworthy unsupported mountain on the planet and a test to all hikers, regardless of whether experienced or beginners. On a crisp morning its noteworthy arrangement can be seen from in excess of 160 km away, and despite the fact that it is just three degrees underneath the equator, the pinnacle is for all time secured with day off ice. Elephants, leopards, lions and colobus monkeys are among the occupants of the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. The encompassing precipitation woods guarantee the richness of the lavish, lower lying wide open, where the Chaggatribecultivate their coffee, maize and bananas. There are two primary route up Mount Kilimanjaro, the Maranguroute, famously known as the 'Coca-Cola' route and Machame the 'Whiskey' route. The Maranguroute is the regularly climbed. Accommodation is in run of the mill hiking hovels, with shared rooms and offices constrained by the National Park specialists. On this course, you will meet gatherings of climbers going toward every path. On summit day, successful climbers will reach Gillmans Point and afterward continue to Uhuru Peak at the very summit of the mountain. The Machameroute is especially eminent for its staggering view. There are different courses like Lemoshoroute, a tourist detour up the mountain, Umbweroute, Mwekaroute generally for slipping the mountain, and the less utilized Rongairoute for the most part got to from the Kenyan Side. There is likewise the Shiraroute beautiful and less utilized.

National Park Activity

Trekking, Cultural Tours, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Walking Safari

Kilimanjaro National Park is the second most visited park in Tanzania after Serengeti.

It houses the world’s highest free standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.

It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

The best time for climbing Kilimanjaro is in the midst of the dry season, from late June to OctoberRead More

How To Go

How To Go

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is acessible by both airways and roadways. Read More


Animals like buffaloes, elephants, red duikers and bushbucks can be found in the park. While you can spot leopard, bushbaby, white and dark colobus and blue goof off the montane forest region of the park.

Most Attractive point of Park Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free standing mountain.

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The Camps In The Kilimanjaro National Park

We offer camping and accommodation inside the game reserve. We partner to provide the best accommodation for you amid your Tanzania visit.

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Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel
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