Family Safari in Tanzania

Family Safaris Overview


A family safari is an incredibly rewarding and exciting vacation, is all about spending quality time with your loved ones, in nature, learning about the true wilderness and about disconnecting from everyday life. It is about immersing yourselves into the natural world and bonding with each other whilst enjoying the best wildlife and cultural experiences you can get and creating your own stories to take away and these will create memories that last a lifetime!

This is about the family spending quality time together learning about Africa, her people and wildlife and how everything in nature works in harmony. This is the best lesson they can have away from the classroom. The guides are used to answering an endless stream of questions from their smallest explorers and hearing an actual lion roar tends to beat any Disney movie.

Wildlife & Nature

Getting to see your child experience their very first lion sighting, or experience just how large elephants actually are, how taller giraffe are, is a moment you won’t forget. Plus, there are few things as fun as shouting: ‘I see something!’ when out on a game drive. Even a dung beetle in action is a worthy sighting!


Tanzania has 120+ different tribes. These tribes are still very much true to their culture, whilst adapting to westernization in part. Here one has a real chance to savour a genuine experience, and let’s face it, the reason one takes one’s family to Africa is part vacation but part education; they are inextricably linked!

Tanzanian people in general we are excellent with kids. We are very patient and love to share our stories and knowledge of what it is like living and growing up in Africa. Your kids will come away with lifelong friends from the experiences they have on their Tanzania safari. Most of our guides, being parents themselves, love hosting families and care for your children as they would their own.


 Zanzibar you can't beat family time spent on the beach, and that's why we recommend a few days' post-safari along the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar Island!


The family friendly lodges and camps offer a host of kid friendly activities among them being bow and arrow shooting with the Maasai, starting a campfire with elephant dung and sticks, and educational bush walks around the camp. Some camps have been designed to ensure the safety of little ones, and keep them entertained, while still offering the grown-ups maximum game viewing experiences and often some much needed alone time. These lodges understand that kids don’t want to sit in a game drive vehicle for too long, and rather be romping through the bush surrounding the lodge and poking the anthills. We have lodges that are kid-friendly and host fun activities to keep the kids entertained.


Intergenerational Safaris

Intergenerational family safari where grandparents travel with their children and grandkids or sometimes with just their grandchildren.

The bush is something that be enjoyed at any age, and with a safari expert helping you organize your trip you can be sure to meet everyone’s expectations. Intergenerational safaris can require a mix of activities, whilst the kids are at bush school and the parents are out on a guided walk, the older generation might enjoy the comforts of the lodge. If easier access to vehicles and specialized lodges with wheelchair access is required, there are lodges that specializes in accommodating all abilities.


What should you consider when planning a family Safari to Tanzania!

  1. Age is also important. For those with very young children (from birth to around five), might prefer to be in a malaria-free area.

Tanzania is fantastic for family safaris! As the country is situated within Africa’s malaria belt, we don’t recommend travelling here with children under 5 years. However, it’s a great destination for wildlife-loving youngsters aged 5 years and over.

  1. Building your safari around the age of your child will ultimately serve everyone. If you have a toddler on a schedule, try to build the safari experience around that schedule. Morning game drives can be before bath time and meals can be scheduled before anyone gets too hungry and cranky. Game drives can also be scheduled around short attention spans with lots of breaks to stretch your legs.
  2. Booking a private safari will allow greater flexibility and fun, we highly recommend doing a private safari with our extended 4x4 Toyota Land cruiser ‘War bus’. This allows for a lot of flexibility as well as ensuring an intimate social environment ideal for the whole family.
  3. Do a ‘slow safari’ and plan some downtime for younger children who sometimes just need to sleep and play. Remember you will often have great game-viewing from camp/lodge.
  4. Family-friendly camps/lodges are key and small, owner-operated camps often offer greater flexibility and more personalised service.
  5. Bringing binoculars/cameras, games, colouring books and more can keep children entertained on quiet afternoons and game drives.
  6. Consider visiting a local community and school and enquire how to contribute and share as part of the visit.


Most popular Tanzania Family Safaris tours

These popular itineraries can be customised to match your budget and travel dates.