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Over 30,000 people climb Kilimanjaro each year and for many Kilimanjaro Climbing is an adventure of a lifetime. So, if you’re up for the challenge of climbing the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Kilele Climb have compiled everything you need to know in Climbing Kilimanjaro For Beginners.

Kilimanjaro is undoubtedly a challenge, so it's essential that you are fully prepared for your Kilimanjaro Climb. As a Beginner’s Guide To Kilimanjaro, which route is best to you, the best time to climb, fitness training, how to acclimatise to high altitude and prevent altitude sickness, gear required, plus the logistics.

Is Kilimanjaro For You?

Trek Kilimanjaro if…

You Want To Summit Africa. It’s the tallest mountain on the African continent and when you get to the top you certainly know it. With no other mountains around it, if you can be there at sunrise, you can actually see the curvature of the earth.

You Are Fit. But you don’t have to be a marathon runner. If you can run for 30 minutes two to three times a week, and enjoy an all day hike at weekends, you will be fine. Nor do you have to have technical climbing skills. Just the ability to put one foot in front of the other. And a lot of determination.

You Enjoy The Company Of An Expert Local Guide. You have to be accompanied by a Kilimanjaro National Park qualified guide to trek on Kilimanjaro. These guys are the business, undergoing a three-year training programme and summiting up to 30 times a year.

Don’tTrek Kilimanjaro If…

You Want To Race To The Top. Kilimanjaro is not to be raced. It takes at least five days of trekking to summit Kilimanjaro and at 5,895m high, you have to pace yourself carefully in order to adjust to the altitude.

If You Have Respiratory Or Heart Conditions – Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at altitude puts a lot of stress on the body. At the summit of Kilimanjaro, there is 40 percent less oxygen in the air so it's a bit like walking with only one lung. Consequently, if you have any heart conditions or respiratory problems, that is quite dangerous.

You Don’t Like Roughing It – There isn’t a luxurious way of doing Kili. Although if you travel with a reputable tour operator, they will have top quality Kilimanjaro Tents and Kilimanjaro Food as good as possible. But be prepared for at least five days of real mountain living. And lie-ins are not really a thing on the mountain either.

Quick Points About Climbing Kilimanjaro For Beginners
  • You never actually have to climb. You walk all the way. You might use your hands to help, but it's still not climbing.
  • You walk very slowly.
  • The toughest part is the mental challenge of getting up at midnight, walking in the dark and not talking to anyone really for 4-8 hours.
  • We had a blizzard on the final climb up and it took us 8 hours and was really hard.
  • If you have a great crew, then the 'other' stuff is easy. They set up your tent, make dinner, and carry your bags. Food was pretty good.
  • You don't shower for 6 days.
  • Toilets are pretty bad, but you're half way up a mountain, so not much to expect.
Why Kilimanjaro Climbing Today As A Beginner?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to climb to the Roof of Africa. For many, it’s a physical challenge, for others it’s deeply personal. For some it’s all about the summit, for others it’s about the scenery.

Whatever Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners draws you to this place of tropical forest, rock and ice; the experience is unforgettable. Getting to know your guides and Kilimanjaro Porters, and hearing about their lives and their families: so intricately woven with this mountain.

If you’ve been thinking about it – go for it as a Beginner, Kilele Climb is here to help you.

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