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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a great challenge. But it is this accessibility of the mountain which makes it so popular. Most people decide that they are going to go in a group, but there are some options for you to go mostly solo. So Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo is a demanded option to see yourself as a great adventurer. Also one thing to aware that Climbing Kilimanjaro without a guide is illegal.

The main advantages of a Solo Kilimanjaro Climb are that you have total control over your Kilimanjaro Routes and walking pace, and that there is no risk of having to abort a summit because a fellow hiker succumbs to altitude sickness or wants to turn back. Disadvantages are that the price per person will be relatively high, since many of the logistical costs of putting together a Kilimanjaro Climb are not significantly dependent on the size of the party.

People looking to save money on trekking often ask about Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo versus going with a group. Many are experienced trekkers and feel they don’t need a guide or Kilimanjaro Porters to get them to the roof of Africa.

What Can Solo Travellers Do?

There are many options out there for solo travellers when you are ready to climb to the top. Many people take Kilimanjaro Group Tours to ensure that they have good companions and share costs.

You Want to Do It Solo?

You may just want to climb solo and if that is the case, that is fine. But again, remember that you cannot do it without a guide. You also are going to need two porters with you according to the law, to help you with carrying your supplies, and to cook for you. You can be the only climber in your party, however. You should expect the cost to be much higher when you are alone.

When planning to make the Solo Kilimanjaro Climb, weigh your options carefully and chose the one that is going to work best for your needs. Kilimanjaro Guides are priceless, make sure you invest in a good one.

So if you too are interested in Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo then Contact Kilele Climb. We will be there to assist in every step of your journey to hike the world’s highest free-standing mountain starting from booking your trip to your departure to your home country after a successful summit.

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