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Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania is from June to October and from December to March due to the dry season and high animal visibility. The Best Time To See Serengeti Migration and the extraordinary wildebeest calving is from late January to February.

As Land becomes wet due to rainfall in between April, May and November and hence is not the Best Time To Go To Tanzania.

We would say the first and the most important factor, when planning your trip is to know the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. There are so many activities that are season dependent, hence we would love to know why you want to visit Tanzania? 

Most of our guests come to experience the Tanzania Safari Tours, Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and relax on the island of Zanzibar. There are also honeymoon couples, families, and large groups of hikers. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Time To Visit Tanzania
  • Choice of activities
  • Your budget
  • Who are you traveling with
  • Duration of travel
  • Which part of Tanzania do you wish to explore?

Let us take you on this exciting adventure and plan your Best Time To Visit Tanzania, based on your unique reasons to travel.

Best Time For Safari In Tanzania

We expect most of our guests from June to October, which is the peak season. This is one of the best times to visit Tanzania or rather a safari. The dry season allows you to easily navigate through the National Parks, unlike the wet season in April and May, when it's raining. Otherwise known as the dry season, this is also the Best Time To Visit Serengeti, where you will get to see the wildebeest migration. A dramatic season indeed to watch predators, and the famous Big 5 of Tanzania, out in the open.

Important Points To Know Regarding Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The dry season is also known as the peak season as it is very much in demand. We recommend you to book your travel three months or earlier to get your choice of lodges. The same applies for December, which is the festive season around the world

The advantage of traveling in the low season is that overall safari rates drop down and most lodges have decent availability.

Best Time For Climbing Kilimanjaro And Other Mountains 

The Best Time Of The Year To Travel To Tanzania is generally from June to October and the same applies for hiking the mountains. Most climbers prefer the dry season when it is not raining. A handful of adventure lovers would love to climb during April, May and December when the landscapes are snowy or during the full moon night.

Best Time To Relax In Zanzibar, Mafia And Pemba

If you are visiting Tanzania on a honeymoon or for a beach holiday, the best season to visit Tanzania will be from June to December. You may expect slight showers in between, but these are not continuous or heavy rainfall. During this time you will be able to do a number of activities including: 

  • Snorkelling and deep seas diving 
  • Sunset cruise 
  • Sandbank hopping 
  • Kite surfing 
  • Off road biking and cultural explorations 
Month By Month Guide To Travelling In Tanzania
  • June to October – Dry Season: These are the Best Month For Tanzania Safari to see the wildebeest migration
  • August to September is the best time to see the wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti. Animals are easier to spot since they concentrate around waterholes and rivers
  • January-February is the time to see the calving in the southern Serengeti, and an excellent time to see predator action
  • March to May is the peak of the Wet season. Wildlife viewing in Tarangire, Katavi, Selous and Ruaha is better during the Dry season

So start planning your amazing Tanzania Safari Tours with Kilele Climb today! We provide the best customised and tailored packages and Tanzania Travel Advice suiting your needs and interests to make your trip successful.

Useful Tanzania Safari Travel Tips

Here we have arranged our top travel advice into sections to help you with every stage of a Tanzania Safari, from research to planning, from packing to traveling safari adventure smoothly and safely. We even have specific advice for a variety of Tanzania Safari Adventure.

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