Uganda Safaris are the most ideal approach to manage see likely the most differing trademark scene in all of Africa. Uganda Safaris is synonymous with the best and most shocking wildlife experiences available in Africa yet Uganda visit wires not simply the best wildlife minutes you can scan for after yet also likely the best social experiences and beautiful open passages that any voyager can imagine researching.

Examining Uganda is an unmitigated joy. The world-acclaimed gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of southwest Uganda is on the bucket listof every voyager. With Face of Africa, we can help you with masterminding this incredible experience as indicated by another exciting wildlife experience along a Chimpanzee trek in Kibale Forest National Park.

However, don't stop there. To complete off your Uganda Safaris alliance and wildlife experience can list, we'll compose a safari through Queen Elizabeth National Park which is known in addition for its bounteous wildlife, for instance, Cape buffalo, goliath African elephants, the huge cats like jaguars and lions, the stream mammoths like the hippopotamus and the crocodile, similarly as more social occasions of chimpanzees. However landlocked, Uganda contains different confounding lakes which give different wildlife seeing potential results.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is fanciful and not in the scarcest degree like some other experience in Africa. The nature of the trek through the wild haze is mind blowing.

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Uganda Gorilla Trekking


Uganda birding safaris lead to striking destinations with a decent number of winged animals and feathered creature watching openings. With more than 1050 winged animal species officially recorded in the nation,

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Uganda Birding Safari


The Chimpanzees are one of Uganda's fundamental attractions alongside the Mountain Gorillas. Chimpanzee Trekking is one of the most famous activities in Uganda.

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Uganda Chimpanzees Safari


Uganda "The Pearl of Africa" in the Eastern bit of the African landmass is comprehensively known to be among the best objectives in Africa recorded with extraordinary wildlife offered including specific Wildlife species which wire Wild animals

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Uganda Wildlife Safari


Best Safari Medium For Kilele Climb

We have an armada of well-kept up safari vehicles. The safaris that we run are tweaked and prohibitive without being unreasonably esteemed. This suggests when you are on safari with us you get a 4×4 vehicle which is for your prohibitive use in a manner of speaking. There will be the same clients obliging you in the Kenya safari vehicles. This has the good position that your safari will be indisputably logically versatile to the extent times of flight, etc.

Our vehicles are outfitted with HF radios for correspondence with our base stations. This suggests you are reliably in contact with our office to help with the event that you slow down out or have a breakdown.

Our vehicles in like manner go with a cooler box in this way you can take cold drinks with you for the routinely hot and dusty day's safari. There are moreover binocular in each vehicle to help with discovering preoccupation or review beguilement that is at a partition.

Safari Guides are the most significant factor of your holiday as they open their existence to you. An unfathomable guide will change your holiday to wonderful experience.

Knowing where wildlife will when all is said in done meander, identifying feathered animal calls, spurring you with their close-by legends and traditions of their systems, sharing the insider certainties of the helpful properties housed in trees and plants - information which has been disregarded on ages. We have the best guides for our clients, which is the best way to deal with see your picked country and we by and large source the best guides at each camp or lodge.

Here is a sample for safari packing list which you can use while packing:


  • Sun hats with rim
  • Sun glasses with good uv protection
  • A cotton scarf to protect neck from sun burn
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We have emergency doctor on standby 24x7 for any emergency or untoward situation during stay. All the doctors are qualified and have the knowledge of the latest technology and techniques.

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