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Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of Africa's most important wildlife areas and a bold experiment in multiple land use located in the northern part of Tanzania. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area spans vast expanses of highland plains, savanna woodlands and forests, from the plains of the Serengeti National Park in the north-west, to the eastern arm of the Great Rift Valley.

The Serengeti is one of the most famous parks of Africa, vast and beautiful, it's one of the most captivating safari area.

Arusha national park is the closet park from Arusha town. Arusha National Park is a multi-faceted jewel, often overlooked by safarigoers, despite offering the opportunity to explore a beguiling diversity of habitats within a few hours.

In the north-east of Tanzania in the middle of the desert plain lies the Snow-capped highest freestanding in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro the majestic. Towers over the Masai plateau, lying at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

It is known as "Coca-Cola" route, Marangu approaches Kilimanjaro from the southeast of the Mountain. It is the oldest established route. Many favor the Marangu route because it is considered to be the easiest route on the mountain. The minimum days required for this route is five, although the probability of successfully reaching the top in that time is a bit low. Spending an extra acclimatization day on the mountain is highly recommended, maximizing the chance of reaching to the summit. Marangu is the only route which offers sleeping huts in dormitory style accommodations.

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